dear sports fans and voters

i have noticed that with the fall months and the approaching election.... football season and politics brings out the worst in people!.. my tolerance for people has fallen at least 65 percent... every football season my tolerance for people lowers but this year with the added election.... oh boy.

obnoxious football fans claiming allegiance to a team they woke up and decided to pull for while they bash the other fans that have connection with their team and arent just fans because of the football team or a dead football coach... what i have a problem with is the obnoxious part... so you have pick a random team to pull for because you live in the state or your best friend goes to school there... whatever... but you dont have to be obnoxious and bash the fans of other teams!... what gives you that right???... and who cares!!!... yes, i love when auburn has a great season.. .but im not a fan because of the football! i didnt choose to go to auburn because i like the mascot or bo jackson!.. all im saying is youre not a fan when you act like a jerk, connections or not...

and the politics!... im so ready for it to be november 4th.... but then i know either way, its never going to end... i had a dream that mccain won and all the obama supporters were screaming conspiracy... but anyway... its the same thing with football... be a supporter of whoever you want for whatever reason but why name calling? why the constant bashing of other supporters? i know people get passionate about things but remember, in politics someone just the opposite of you is just as passionate... if i see another facebook status about politics... im going to snap!... direct quote from a facebook status "... if any of you actually believe Sarah Palin is qualified to be our VP (and potentially, our president) you are dangerously blind and foolish.".... really??? and you are the expert on politics??? oh wait, you just graduated in graphic design... we should all consult you with our political inquiries... i dont care who you support... but that is so uncalled for... you're screaming for world peace yet you say things as such.... give me a break.

ive decided not to vote.. instead im going to choose to negate someone else's vote...


lake fun

i took this picture weekend before last at the lake... i think its so cute! sunny was really into fishing, as was greg. neither of them caught anything though... greg did recover one of the fishing poles from the bottom of the lake... daddy got the other while scuba diving. love love love the lake!