monday again

its monday again... and im not hating it.
finally, i will have some free time! it will consist of cleaning, laundry, and homework.
i am so thankful for days like these because i can get things under control.

but i found this awesome website today.
dont worry, jay and ritchie, you will be submitted :)


three days of thanks

wow... i am exhausted as i write this.  but i do this for the people.

friday: i wasnt feeling very thankful as i had drama at work. but this is what i have come up with... i am thankful that i appreciate honesty and can admit when i have done wrong. constructive criticism is welcomed but passing the blame is not.

saturday: i am thankful for coffee but really i am thankful for people who arent afraid to express appreciation. it isnt my motivation, but it makes me happy.

sunday: i am thankful for good rest... i cant wait to sleep in in the morning. it will be so glorious!

this was my weekend schedule:
saturday: 8-10 private lessons, lunch, 12:45-3:45 cartwheel/backhandspring clinics, efforts to take a nap, late dinner with kyla and whitney, bed.

sunday: woke up at 7, drove to montgomery, gymnastics meet, back in bham at 4:30, private lessons from 5-8, mindless activities, bed.

nighty night



i am thankful for finales. it is like the cherry to my sundae (even though i dont really like the cherries). you watch for weeks, plan your week around the show, look forward to it as soon as the episode ends for the apex called the finale. sometimes though ill even watch finales for shows i never even watched before... just because i like them that much.

ps. irina is talented but a major bia. carol hannah should have won if only based on her nice factor.

i am also thankful today is over. and next dreaded thursday isnt even dreaded at all!


boomity boom

I want to say that i am super thankful for this little boom box, coy!
despite the fact that i was totally freaked out about the whole sci fi aspect of childbirth, babies are really miracles. he's just so little and precious and cute and chubby cheeks and snuggly. i am super excited that christmases at the blackwood house are going to be extra fun/special now that we have a little baby to spoil. he's probably going to be the most spoiled kid on the block but we dont care.

i wish i didnt live 7 hours away from him. but i'll still be the fun aunt.


and its tuesday..

today... i am quite thankful that my retiring teacher canceled the rest of our classes! AND to top it off....

she gave us all a 100 on our final exam!
we didnt even have to take it!

almost one semester away from graduation... yikes!

ps. the nose is ok. no bruising or swelling :)


sunday/monday thanks

my thanks:

sunday: i am thankful for good food! i made dinner for greg and his sister. i made super easy chicken parmesan. food tastes so good when you make it. as silly as that sounds... but its true. i dont like to cook for just myself so i end up eating a bowl of cereal. i forget what homecooked food tastes like.

monday: i am thankful for my health. i have complained lately about my weak immune system but i really am a "healthy" person. there are far worse situations to be in and people with life threatening illnesses that continue to be happy while they fight for their lives. i'll take my cold and not be such a baby about it. with that being said, please keep misty in your thoughts and prayers. she is a 32 year old mother of 3 from my hometown that is fighting stage 4 rectal cancer. she is a prime example of positivity while she faces this horrible disease.

ps. interesting night at the gym... started with me getting knocked in the nose and gushing blood... followed by a little girl tripping up the stairs and knocking her 4 front teeth out... and a busted lip for a level 4. yay, fun!


double trouble

today, i am going to give thanks to my "extras."

these two make my life so much more enjoyable! sunny is always happy to see me even if i left the house for 5 minutes... and greg too :) greg is always caring and concerned with my well-being and sunny takes care of me when i'm sick. what would i do without my duo?


please and thank you

today i am thankful for nice people.

it is so much easier to be nice and smile than it is to be a jerk. but then some people are just jerks by nature. but the nice by nature i am thankful. i had a lot of "nice" interactions today. i went to the bank and got a savings account (surprise mom and dad!) and all the ladies up there were just so nice and genuine. it made me feel good. i went to lunch with kyla and whitney and everyone was again nice. just courteous strangers going about their day. then i went to grab a bite to eat at this fast food sushi restaurant (maki fresh) with kyla after work. sitting in a small space already at a small table in a small restaurant... some lady has the nerve to tell me to sit closer to my table so she can fit her butt into the chair behind me. *newsflash* the tables arent bolted to the floor! then she proceeded to lean against my chair and wiggle around until kyla and i got up. i dont think i would ask someone sitting, eating, and talking to scoot up to their table unless it was the absolute last resort. its not like i take up that much room anyway!

ok, im thankful for nice people. be nice everyone!


now, its today.

today i am thankful that i will be done with school in 6 months! and also thankful for my education.
i have been in school for 20 years and then i'll most likely be a teacher. you would think i didnt want to leave school. but i turned in my application for graduation (making it my 5th graduation: preschool, 5th grade, high school, undergrad). wow. i should feel smarter.

so a big thank you to all my favorite teachers!

pretend its yesterday

today i am thankful for all my wonderful friends. i definitely have quantity AND quality. i was reminded today by a great phone call with a great friend, kate. and then ending the night with a little dinner party with my most recently acquired friends and coworkers. the concept of friends has changed from preschool to post college. no longer do i see my friends monday through friday but now i have to go months (sometimes years) without seeing them. no matter what, they are still just as good of friends! and the good ones stick around regardless.

this is for you friends, near and far!

ps. kate, apparently we never took a picture of just the two of us. :(


rain rain, go away...

i actually dont mind the rain today.
i hope you all are having a good day... i have tomorrow off of work!
there will be errands and maybe a little dinner party.

in the spirit of thanksgiving this month, im going to list something i am thankful for every day.
today i am most thankful for my wonderful, sweet, wacky, loving family!


november weekend

we won our meet!

then sunny and i loaded up and headed to huntsvegas...
sunday, we went up to monte sano and took the sinks trail..

greg was the pied piper

sunny telling me to "come on"

 greg climbed...

i pretended.

i cant express or capture how much these little puppies love to "hike"

i was completely enamored with the leaves again

yay, fun.


new obsession


sunny, too.

i love fall.

we have a meet today... and im bribing the girls to stay on the beam.
go mountain brook gymnastics!


halloween... a few days later...

i hope everyone had a happy halloween!

i usually love halloween. i always make big plans to dress up and do festive things... but seeing as i have the weakest immune system here lately, i was sick......again. so instead, greg and i made chili.

it was a martha stewart recipe and it turned out delicious...
sunny got into the spirit and dressed up...

and i decorated the chalk board.

plus... auburn won!!!!


moss rock and oak mountain

 moss rock preserve

i came back and conquered moss rock after my "incident"

 oak mountain on november first