my question is....

what is the deal with skulls? why have they become a trend? like why do people think skull jewelry and skull accessories are "cool?" i sold an orange skull mousepad at pottery barn today... what the heck? skulls are morbid... yes, i know in certain cultures, like in mexico, they have skull stuff for celebrations... for day of the dead... but if youre living in mountain brook... youre not mexican!... i just dont get it... i just saw a wedding cake on tv with a skull theme... really??? i just dont think i can rock the skull.

have i lost my head?


another sign

another sign that i am old.....

i hate fast drivers! i hate those drivers that speed to stop signs, ride my tail in neighborhoods, zoom past the house when im taking sunny out or at the school when im trying to cross the road. i hate them all! where are they going? why do they think they are so important? do they think its fun to drive like crazy bats? or do they think its cool??? whatever their answer, i dont like it.

my life in the sunday drivers lane


it didnt happen

i found.....a gray..... HAIR!
it was growing straight from my head!
there is nothing you can say to console me.

one gray hair = denial
second gray hair = dismal
third gray hair = devastation



things i would like to do...soon:
(this is not a "before i die list")

1. go rock climbing
2. check out oak mountain state park
3. go on a picnic
4. do a couple of oil paintings or make something
5. learn how to sew... anything
6. buy a new camera
7. receive some postcards!
8. join another gym
9. get a massage/pedicure

i will come up with more


i like to make lists

things im happy about right now:
(in no particular order)

1. i found a bunch of new fun creative websites
2. finished another book... In The Woods
3. sunny slept with me in bed all day
4. the cooler weather outside!
5. i actually enjoyed work today... i know!
6. being in a good mood and not knowing why...
7. my eye is getting better!... slowly
8. my pretty flowers i bought at publix

i also like to check things off lists


apple of my sty

i have a sty... it hurts like hell. i also look like a domestic abuse victim... and i know people are staring at it when i go places... i was worried it was going to be staff so i went to the eye doctor... waited for about an hour and a half for him to tell me there is nothing he can do... that it will go away on its own and to continue putting a hot compress on it and if it doesnt go away in two weeks ill be sentenced to an eye patch for the rest of my life... so im taking donations so that i can buy the eye patch of my one-eyed dreams... leather with rhinestones... when i asked the doc if there were any ways to prevent this situation he replied "so youre telling me you dont want this to happen again?".... ummmmmmm YEAH! he also said no, some people just get them.... doomed.

sty it aint so...


follow up

well i have found a temporary cure to my wondering about being in another generation....



living in another generation

so i was thinking today... what would i be like if i grew up in a different generation.. what if i were 23 in 1978 or 1968 instead of 2008.. would i be the same fundamental me? i have always had a fascination with being a hippie (i would be one, though im not sure if i have the dedication right now)... what if i were one from the 60's... what if i were disco-ing through the 70's... what would i be fascinated with then??.. would i still believe in the same things as i do now?...i dont think my major even existed then... i dont know, it makes my mind go crazy thinking about it... i think i would be a real hippie and i would burn a lot of incense and eat only vegetables i grew in my yard and slather myself in patchouli... i think i might do that now anyway.... well, its just something to think about and im going to continue to ponder it...

make love, not war