"to laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children... to leave the world a better place... to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."
- ralph waldo emerson

happy friday friends :)


happy birthday kellie!


green dog, free to a good home.

sunny decided it would be "fun" to eat some of my oil paint while i was at work. she got it out of the bag and snacked on a little tube. let's just say my carpet and sunny have a similar look. ugh!

good dog, green dog.


no news IS good news

so ive decided that i need to stop watching the news. it makes me paranoid. im paranoid that i will never get a real job. if i happen to get a job, ill probably lose it. also, ill never be able to get a loan nor will my children be able to go to college or me have retirement. then, i will probably get kidnapped or shot in broad daylight in the middle of birmingham or attacked by a chimpanze. that kind of stuff happens, you know?

anyway, im locking my doors, training sunny to attack, and putting pennies in my piggy bank (for sunny's college education).

good day alabama, more like dooms day alabama.


happy valentine's day!

see some more hearts in nature here.

i love you guys! i hope you all have a great valentine's day!


things im loving

♥ handmade cards
♥ handmade anything really
♥ outdoor furniture/spaces
♥ shades of green and shades of aqua
♥ postcards
♥ my orange tree
♥ fresh flowers around my apartment
♥ red wine
♥ amy sedaris

i had that paper to write for art criticism and i was really stressed about it because we had to let other people in the class read it and evaluate it. im not the most confident in my writing skills and i dont think im weird enough for some of the topics we cover in class, so it was stressing me out. my attitude has changed. i was not the one that needed to be stressed. thats all im saying :)

if you want to read my paper, i will be glad to send it to you. haha.


v-day, not vd-day.

i love valentine's day. i love making valentine cards (though this year, i did not have time to make them). i love all the hearts and pink and red. i love all the decorations and sweets. its just a fun time. i know some people have this stigma attached to it being only for people that are married or what not, but its for anyone that you love. i love my friends and family!

also, events of monday:
- a preschooler told me i looked "just like" their "maid-lady."
- 2nd graders told me i looked like tinkerbell.
- the same 2nd graders sang me a song about diarrhea.

kids are weird, i prefer tinkerbell.


pretty image of the day

ok, so im ready for it to be spring and look like ^this^ all the time. though, im working from 1 until 8:30 tonight and currently trying to decipher what beauty is to the philosopher, kant. then i will write a paper about how kant's ideas relate to another philosopher/art critic, schjeldahl. yep. fun!

merry tuesday, everyone.


so funny

this video made me laugh out loud by myself.... if you havent seen it, please enjoy.

David After the Dentist


i need this

i need a day to relax in this area. im kind of obsessed with outdoor sitting spaces right now. im planning on making our little porch awesome. right now, its lacking.

anyway, a kid in one of my gymnastic classes that i teach broke her arm yesterday. i am still thoroughly disturbed by it. i thought she just twisted her wrist because they were only doing cartwheels. then she moved her hand..... and yep, definitely broken. shes so tiny too. i had to leave work early because on top of the event i am sick and that just exacerbated my condition. i sent her a glinda the good witch card and some fun heart stickers. oh, and i had to write a paper last night.
yay me!

ok, now class....