a gift for you...

on my birthday...

sand art

this website is so therapeutic and transfixing. its sand art for your computer. if you need mindless therapy, please indulge.

also, i love overheard in new york..... and wednesdays are the best for the one liners:

Hobo: Okay, you know the drill. I'm hungry, give me money so I can buy breakfast. (nobody does) Alright, if you don't want to give any money, if you're reasonably attractive, hug a brotha! That works too.

(the hobos are apparently very clever in nyc)

and for a bonus:
Blonde #1: So what exactly is in a piƱa colada?
Blonde #2: It's pineapple, coconut, and, um...lada.

recap of my 24th bday: worked and then class until 8pm. thats it. whooo!

jackson pollock and i share the same birthday; two mildly creative people claiming to be artists.


who knew...

a colander could be so pretty?

lindsey and i got these at home goods (like tjmax for home stuff). they had a really fun green color one too but i love the robin's egg/tiffany blue.


new pretties

lindsey and i got new fabric to cover the dining chairs, new placemates, and napkin rings. ta da! my hand is sore from the staple gun but it looks pretty!

now, everyone needs to come visit. but dont spill any of your food at the table!


can you guess...

what these pictures are?

tulips! in the netherlands! isnt it amazing.

thought i would share.

wicked wednesday

events of yesterday:

- called adobe's customer service (irritation level: elevated)

- went to work with preschoolers; shedevil little girl scratches me and tries to break my leg (irritation level: medium/high)

- read for class; rushed for time (irritation level: elevated)

- went to class; lasted the whole time from 5:30 to 8; starving (irritation level: elevated)

- had to go to publix because i didnt have food; bought milk for cereal (irritation level: elevated)

- poured a big bowl of cereal (the middle to end of the box where all the good stuff is) and topped it off with brand new milk (irritation level: low)

- brand new milk was SOUR (irritation level: intense high)

so, i over self medicated with ice cream.

side note: cereal is crunchy before milk, then it gets soggy with milk, then it dries to the bowl like concrete. how is that possible??



customer service

i dont argue very much but when i do, the common denominator is customer service. working retail really made me dislike people and then on the flip side, i hate talking to customer service. i have had a fiasco with adobe.com and have called customer service a total of FIVE times in two days. each time, of course, its a different person in india named josh or steven (give me a break, thats not your real name. i know it and you know it.) and each time i get told a different story. one guy wanted to argue with me for 15 minutes when i just wanted my money back. then he told me it would be 7 to 10 days before i would get my $400 refund ( i was charged twice for a product that wouldnt even work). the next girl i spoke with was relatively nice but said it would be a month before i would get my refund but to call back the next day and get my case marked as urgent. so i call back today and a get a guy that wants to argue with me again and tell me it cant be marked as urgent. i had to hang up on him. so i called right back and got a guy that was nicer and knew what he was talking about (somewhat). he marked my case as urgent (at least thats what he told me).

i turn into a different person when im on the phone with customer service. im so non-confrontational but put me on phone and i go wild. i dont hold back. i know they can make my requests happen. the trick ive learned is to be smarter than them. if they realize that, they will make whatever happen. also, request to speak to their supervisor. things (heads) will start rolling. my name is probably red flagged at many company's customer service including potterybarn and adobe. i dont mess around.

if they dont fix my problem, i become theirs.


i resolve to have a resolution

so it has taken me to the middle of january to come up with some new year resolutions. here they are...

1. learn how to sew [i figure it will be advantageous to me since i have to hem EVERYTHING]

2. try to become a pseudo morning person [im planning on getting up at 8 everyday, no matter what, excluding saturdays and sundays.]

3. i had a third one, but ive already forgotten it. i think it was to be proactive. ill just go with that.

so far?.... im working on it.


great outdoors

yesterday, greg and i went to oak mountain state park (located just outside of bham in pelham). it was so fun that is after we drove around in this huge park (has a golf course) looking for the trails. we finally found the trails after a 30 minute search and naturally we chose the "hardest" one. we probably hiked around 4 miles. we took a detour up to some big rocks. the weather was nice. not cold, a little damp though, but not hot either. i wanted to take the dogs but good thing we didnt because it would have been a little difficult for their little legs. so, we are planning on doing more hiking/rock climbing/canoeing etc.

appalachian trail?


birthday girl

sunny turned TWO today. i cant believe she is already two. we celebrated by throwing the tennis ball.

im a proud mama.