here are some pictures from halloween:

greg's pirate

my haunted house
our pies
our puppies

ps. i dont know how to rotate images... help?


substitute "teacher"

this is a drawing one of my second graders drew for me. she first drew all these different hairstyles and made me choose which one i wanted (i chose the long and curly 'do). then she drew me with my new hair. her name is arriyon and she is so funny. she's really into hair and nails. she told me that she is getting a "spa" for christmas. "it has a little tub for you to soak your nails in." so cute.

so i was the substitute teacher today for 2.5 hours for my second grade class. i had a total of 3 children cry and multiple meltdowns but they all gave me a hug when i left. i consider it a success. lesson learned though: i do not want to be a second grade teacher.

interesting point: there are multiple children that cannot read or read very well and then there are students in the same class that are on a 4th grade level. i feel so bad for the students that cannot read because a lot of them arent getting the help or attention they need. being a teacher is hard! thats why im going to teach art... everyone can color!

my name is miss mollie. i am friendly.


designing interior-ly

i havent done much in the new apartment but this is what lindsey and i are planning to do in our "dining" area... so, if you have any random plates.... send them my way!

ps. i thought of this idea and then i found a picture on thenest.com... ha


what i should be doing...

is homework.... but why do dogs want to eat non-food items? sunny eats her toys. tennis ball, stuffing, plastic keys, etc. she also really likes paper towels/napkins and dryer sheets. i know it doesnt taste good. i think she would rather have a dryer sheet for dinner than her science diet. weird animals.

dryer sheets. its what's for dinner.


'tis the season

i guess from working retail this year... i am extra excited about the holidays! we started getting christmas decorations last month and thanksgiving ones in september....so.. i want to decorate everything with leaves and fall foliage then cranberries and mistletoe... i signed up for martha stewart's (you know how i love her) christmas workshop... i cant wait for it to start... right now, i really want to make a fall wreath with all the pretty leaves outside.. i also want to make some napkin rings and a table centerpiece with twigs and small pumpkins and gourds.. if only i had the time :(

happy holidays!


i <3 fall

usually when i think of 280 (the main road that runs through bham) i cringe. the traffic is awful, people drive crazy, red lights, etc... but the past few days, i love 280. why? its beautiful! it is rolling hills and trees on both sides. you can see up the "mountain" covered with trees. what brought this to my attention is since the weather is getting cooler, that means the changing of the leaves. living in florida (an everGREEN state) all my life, i never really witnessed the leaves turning colors. even in auburn, it wasnt this pronounced as it is here in birmingham. its so neat! i love it! my favorite is the bright/deep red and when you can see the change happening on a particular tree. im going to take a picture today or tomorrow of this road right off 280 near an office building with the most vibrant red leaves ever.

its the time of the season....


dang intuition

im tired of everyone calling each other ignorant. get over it. the election is over. only time will tell.

i didnt support either candidate fully but i voted for mccain for a few reasons but one was because certain obama supports made me want to poke my eyes in and wish i were deaf. there's your "change." and they are the ones i know calling everyone ignorant. if you are wanting peace, why are you being a jerk???? HYPOCRITES.

im just glad people voted.


praying for the future.

le busy

so ive been busy and slacking on the posting... but this is whats up...

i taught a little lesson to my second graders that i go see on tuesdays and thursdays. i usually just visit and sit in the back but i got to be the "teacher" for a moment. they had been reading james and the giant peach so i decided to do a little comprehension activity. i called it "james and the giant peach a to z." they had to name a charcter, object, word, or something important from the book for every letter of the alphabet. they really loved it and i think it was a successful activity. my teacher said it was "really fun" and she was impressed by how much the kids remembered from the story. i even whipped out my "teacher voice." you know what im talking about.

ive got to do another "lesson" on thursday... might be interesting.

whenever i get pictures on my computer.. ill post them of the jack-o-lanterns greg and i carved and the pies we made from them. also, the dogs in costumes.

war eagle..