mid-week jam :: wonder-ous

thanks to greg, i have a lot of stevie wonder on my ipod... and i love it.
this is one of my faves.

can't you see eddie murphy or jamie foxx playing stevie in a movie?
have one of them already done it?
i haven't googled it yet.


weekend scenes :: nothing special

i really didn't do anything this weekend but sit on my computer and stalk a few blogs. 
my sister is planning a circus themed bday party for my nephew. 

ive never been to the circus but i would love to join one.
so here are some of my circus etsy picks:

see you next time when the show comes around!


happy friday

happy friday, y'all!
this video is from the other night.
a group of us played catch phrase.
if you can't tell, shundale was the best player.
she really got into the game.


weekend scenes :: trip home

i went home for the fourth of july.
the fourth of july is one of my favorite holidays.
i love fireworks. i love being outside. i love america.

my sister, brother in-law, and nephew came home too.
unfortunately, the weather wasn't always cooperative. 
we played by the pool when we got the chance.

now feast your eyes on a bunch of pictures of boom boom:

he loves to swing.

he loves to eat.

fruit salad. 

he loves tiny b.

he loves his car.

he and uncle geg make the same faces...

he loves to fly!

he loves us!