pretty little things :: color

i dont know if you know, but i love color!

i found this awesome new blog that is dedicated to two of my favorite things:
color and interior design.

i recently read a book on the history of color.
it was so interesting to think there was an "invention" or at least discovery of every color.
did you know that isaac newton added indigo to the rainbow?

im obsessed with color meanings, theories, and combination.
i think my next job will be a color forecaster. there are such people.

there is even a color of the universe.


mid-week jam :: blue love

i love love LOVE roy orbison.
for those of you that don't know, pretty woman is my theme song.

but i absolutely love blue bayou. 
it reminds me of summer, his voice is just right, and its a great melody.
greg, introduced me to this song over a year ago... its a favorite!

if i could sing, i would suggest greg to do this song and i would do the back up.


t.m.i. tuesday :: igoogle

i love google. 

it has revolutionized arguments.
no longer do you have a debate about something. you simply say you will "google it." argument solved. google shows both sides of the story and you kind of get to pick.

as crazy as this sounds, i look forward to going to the google homepage everyday to see if they have done something special to the logo. i equate it to going to brusters for ice cream and they have peanut butter puddles; it doesnt always happen but when it does its glorious.

so, just for fun, i kept track of everything i googled in the past few days:

maybe i should google "does google love me?"
just did, the answer is NO.

ps. non-ghetto is a technical term


weekend scenes :: helen's wedding

flower girl and one of my gymnast, emily

this weekend, my friend helen got married.
she is super awesome and is a coach at the gym where i work.
she was an alabama gymnast and has only known her husband for like 6 months!

there was a lot of paparazzi at the reception...
kendall, ky, mal, becks, helen, michael, tina, whit, moi, jennay
coaches or mountain brook gymnastics!

greg was super pumped to be at another wedding.
he loves them.

we went to the rock climbing gym again.. i really liked it more this time.
i got us a coupon off groupon and it was a good deal.
also, one of my students i had at the high school works there.
he tried to give us some tips.


then later we topped our evening with a trip to the bookstore and dinner at FLIP burger. yum!


happy friday

yes, please. 


if you havent been to google today... you should. 
its pac man's 30th birthday and you can play a live game of pac man on google. 
its awesome.


pretty little things

oh my macaroon. 
why did i not know about this place two years ago when i went to paris!

i have yet to make my own... but i have gathered a few recipes and they are on my radar. i hear they can be temperamental to make... but i love they way they look!

any flavor suggestion/baking tips?


mid-week jam

fans, meet andrew bird.
if you are not acquainted previously, now you are.
i love this song. its kind of nonsense but i like it.
he's been around awhile but i discovered him about 2 years ago.
he plays the violin = awesome.

please listen and enjoy.
it will grow on you.


weekend scenes

i really didnt take any pictures this weekend. this is the only one taken on my phone while at barnes and noble. 

it pains me to pick out a new book. im interested in a lot of things (yesterday, every freakonomics-like book was catching my eye). i read the synopsis, ponder it, imagine myself reading the book and what i would gain, then i hold it for a few minutes and think i wont like it. thus the process starts over. 

i ended up going to the classics and picked sons and lovers. i got up to the counter with the tipping point too and decided at the last moment to put it down. im bad at making purchase decisions.

but i did make some delicious brownies.
this basic recipe with this caramel sauce mixed between layers and topped with sea salt. i also substituted unsweetened chocolate with 10 oz of semi sweet and 1 3/4 cup of sugar. they are divine.


mid-week jam

i may or may not have girl envy for zooey deschanel.

and they are going to be in bham this month.

im looking up tickets right......



t.m.i. tuesday

there have been a few things on my mind lately.
these are things i cannot wrap my mind around. 
im pretty open-minded and can some how rationalize even the most extreme. 
but these two things... i cannot.

the 16 year old baby:

exactly, its so mind boggling. ive seen it a few times on tlc and i still cant grasp it. these people have a baby for FOREVER. wtf?

the micro sculptor:

ok, are you understanding?
yeah, me neither!
how crazy must you be to do this???

my head continues to spin. 
join the party.


weekend scenes

kyla, christanka, helen, moi

this weekend, i went to a recipe and bbq shower for my friend helen.
it was at her grandparents house here in bham. her g-rents house was crazy! it didnt look that big from the outside, but it kept growing as you walked through it. it was like a museum. there were cabinets EVERYWHERE housing dolls, figurines, and knick knacks. they also had two old juke boxes and a piano that had other instruments connected to it. besides all that stuff, there were three pinball machines. and one i have plans to steal:

it was a dolly pinball machine!!!
yes, i played it. and it was awesome. it would "mess up" and just keep giving you points. i like to think we had a connection.

on sunday morning i drove home for mother's day.

we had a photo shoot.

i wore my uber dressy white tshirt.

uncle nick, moi, daddy, mama helen, cousin delaney

later, we picked two strawberries.

and played with the dogs.

then i had to drive back today! but i had a navigation system to help me make it back thanks to my sweet parents! i'll never be lost again!


happy friday

you know, its that time of the week again;
the day of the week most people look forward to all week.
it's friday!
(why dont we look forward to everyday? just saying!)

anyway, ive been thinking about starting my own flash mob.

Auburn Flash Mob Rave from Eagle Eye TV on Vimeo.

(my favorite part is the library tech person and the lobster)

why does it make me get teary?


pretty little things

turning strangers into friends
blue skies
new recipes
good workouts
happy puppy
painted nails


mid-week jam

this is my favorite song right now and for a while...

i love chris isaak! his voice is crazy good.

this song will make you jam. not as in fruit jelly.


t.m.i. tuesday

im having one of those days...

today i would like to dine here:

wearing this:

eat this:

drink this:
indulge in this:

all with my friends and him:


i cooked the pasta recipe and it was delicious! christina came over and ate it with me. we also drank the wine and had a 3 way phone call with whitney. good times!


weekend scenes

wade and robert's wedding weekend!
my friend wade got married this weekend at her parent's home and marina on west point lake.

beth, britt, & collier

i got to spend time with some of my favorite people.
the rehearsal dinner was at some billionaire's lake house.
we ate really good shrimp and grits and i amazed the crowd with my speed drawing of random animals.

wade getting her make up done by colls

the day of the wedding, wade, collier, kati, and myself went into the lovely town of lannett to get our nails done at ten perfect nails. lannett is a very small town... think defuniak minus a couple thousand. the nail place had no air conditioning. a little girl asked me to paint her nails. i just wanted one nail painted and they jacked it up and blamed it on the weather.

wade wore the flower collier wore at her wedding almost a year ago. we are thinking about making it a sisterhood of the traveling pants thing. it will probably be dead by the time i get it (yes, its fake).

greg is a messy eater and i need my hair done

greg drove up to accompany me to the wedding. he was such a trooper. he had to go to gainesville, fl the day before for his brother's graduation. he's the best!

robert and wade are on their honeymoon in st. john!

wade is catholic, so they had a priest at the ceremony. greg and i laughed through the whole thing because the priest sounded like his old stoner roommate/will ferrell as robert goulet. so, i thought my odds were good at the bouquet toss considering everyone there was married or engaged except for me, beth, britt, kimmie, and the 8 year old flower girl. guess who caught the bouquet????

the 8 year old flower girl.
there's always next week.

the soon to be will and kati kent

 next month, i will be in their wedding!
all my friends are married!!!!