mid-week jam :: rip mj

i totally forgot last week was the one year anniversary of michael jackson's death!
so in honor... this is my favorite mj song.
you know, the late michael and i have a few similarities (besides wanting to make a change).
my initials are mj (mollie joy) and my auburn email was a total dedication to the king of pop:

now go start with the man in the mirror!


t.m.i. tuesday :: cornicopia

floss your teeth! they don't get better with age!

what did the fish say when it swam into a wall?

alexander hamilton was first on the $5 bill (he's on the $10 now).

i am moving sometime this week or next week or whenever, but i have done some serious purging and organizing of stuff....
i went through my closet and drawers.
i went through ALL of my magazines and pulled out the pages i wanted to save (except for martha stewart's, i kept the whole mag).
then i put the pages in page protectors and organized them by categories.
i organized all my folders on my computer.
i organized all my internet bookmarks.
i went through all of my school work and threw away more than half!
went through my random pictures and put them in a box.
went through all of my cards (birthday, graduation, thank yous) and put them in a box.
yeah, ive been busy.

k, bye.


weekend scenes :: party trick

this weekend... i laid by the pool. got a tad bit burnt.
i purged a lot of my belongings... 
and learned how to make that amazing heart out of money.
i feel accomplished.

sunny and i went to mama jo and papa jack's for dinner on sunday. 
sunny played pretty sweet with my two younger (6 and 2 year old) cousins.
sunny doesn't often see people under 5 feet.
therefore, she doesn't know how to act.
but she made me pretty proud. she only made the 2 year old cry once.
yay, sunny!

she's had a lot of exposure to the little people lately... tina brought her niece over last week to help me make a pie and sunny barked her little face off.... for 2 hours straight... 2 days in a row.

baby steps.


t.m.i. tuesday :: story time

here are a few stories i heard this weekend that i thought were worth sharing...

"who's your daddy?"
my friend wade works at the sheraton in downtown birmingham. she is a catering sales manager. if you wanted to have an event at the hotel... she is the girl that would answer your questions. she was telling me that she has had some interesting inquiries for events. wade said that she answered the phone and a lady wanted to know about having her event at the hotel. wade asked what type of event she was thinking (usually, birthdays, weddings, showers, etc). the lady responded with "a baby daddy revealing party." wade said, "ok, and how do you see this event unfolding." basically, the lady said there would be 5 guys (potential baby daddies) on stage with spot lights that could be turned on and off to reveal the daddy. long story short... this event did not take place. i wonder who the daddy was? 

"night terrors"
greg and i were having a discussion on snoring (a certain friend's husband is a snore-er). greg and i both said we had relatives that could one up this husband on the snore meter. mine is my grandmother who has to have a separate hotel room any time we travel... there is some story about me getting real upset with her when i was little while staying at a hotel. anyway, greg said, no that his uncle owen was the best snore-er. why?, i ask. uncle o screams between snores. (i wish i had video of greg doing the impression, it was awesome). greg continues to tell me that uncle o has night terrors and ran through a wall when he was in high school while asleep. also, he spent time in bolivia and the group he was with moved his cot outside while he was sleeping because of his snoring/screaming. greg won.

"i like to have fun?"
wade recently got married to robert. wade and robert frequent a gym down the road from where they live in birmingham. wade noticed that another couple was often there at the same time working out. wade also noticed that she frequently made eye contact with both parties of the other couple and mentioned it to robert. one day wade and robert were leaving the gym when the other couple approached... the woman initiated the conversation with the usual "hello, how are yall?" "fine, good, " say robert and wade. then the woman says, "do yall like to have fun?" wade said "yeah, we like to have fun. there are a lot of places to go out. we like to go out and do stuff." then the woman said, "that's good but do yall really like to have fun?" robert catching on says, "no. no we don't." and led wade out the door. hmmm...

"a bad episode of cops"
an acquaintance of mine is a cop in carrollton, ga. i ran into him (chris) at the wedding this weekend and asked if he had any fun stories from being a cop. he said that he and his new partner were chasing a bad guy and the guy got out of his car on foot and ran into the woods. he tells me that when that happens, the cops are supposed to stop where they are and send out the dog. another cop had the dog and that this a new dog that hasn't been out in the field much. the dog's handler is getting the dog all psyched up to catch the bad guy. the dog is all antsy and ready to go. chris's partner is weary of dogs and is kind of getting freaked out while the dog is getting psyched up. the partner takes a few quick steps away and the dog locks in on him. when the handler lets the dog go, the dog attacks the partner (the partner also ran). chris says the dog jumps on the partner and he freaks out screaming "get him off of me! get him off of me!" and everyone just laughs. they get the dog off and the partner wasn't hurt. just had a lot of drool on his vest. a few moments later, they hear a whistle from the woods. it was the bad guy... he surrendered because he didn't want to get attacked by the dog! 


weekend scenes :: introducing the kents

and another friend gets married...
this time it was kati lanier and will kent.
i met kati our sophomore year at auburn.
we both made cheerleading and pretty much became instant friends.
i met will shortly after.
they started dating a little bit and then kind of dwindled off...
he dated another girl (we had to pretend not to like him or her).
but i wont forget the time we went to chili's and will saw kati (he was with his gf) and he stopped by our table and never took his eyes off of her (not even to speak to me and collier!).
a few months later, kati and will became an item during the summer we have dubbed... the summer of love, 2007 (wade and robert also started dating).

crazy enough, will and kati grew up a few short miles from each other and never knew it until they met at a football game in auburn. and that is where they fell in love, got engaged, and married!

the day begins!

i modeled the bridesmaid dress a la lady gaga.

the rest of the bridesmaids...

and kati with her sister, jami!

here are my new best friends, the flower girls. 

they wanted to take a picture of me with my camera...

but couldn't quite get me in the picture.

my sweet greg made it!

dream come true: photo booth!!!

we had a really good time in auburn. kati's family knows how to plan a wedding... they've had a lot of practice this year (jami got married in october!). 

greg and i hadn't seen each other in 3 weeks so we decided to hang out in auburn on sunday before i had to go back to the birm. 

i hope you had a great weekend!


happy friday

heading to auburn this morning because...

they're getting married!


mid-week jam :: awesome video

this video is awesome. 
and the song isn't too bad either.
so whatever you do, at least watch the video on silent if you don't care about music.
it is really neat.


t.m.i. tuesday :: if i was a...

If I was a month, I’d be March.
If I was a day of the week, I’d be Friday.
If I was a time of day, I’d be evening.
If I was a planet, I’d be Mercury.

If I was a sea animal, I’d be a jellyfish.
If I was a direction, I’d be south.
If I was a piece of furniture, I'd be a picnic table.
If I was a liquid, I’d be fruit sangria.

If I was a gemstone, I’d be a pearl.
If I was a tree, I’d be a cherry blossom.
If I was a tool, I’d be a spoon.
If I was a flower, I’d be hydrangeas.

If I was a kind of weather, I’d be spring air.
If I was a musical instrument, I’d be a piano.
If I was a color, I’d be sweet pool blue.
If I was an emotion, I’d be excitement.

If I was a fruit, I’d be fresh pineapple.
If I was a sound, I’d be rain on a tin roof.
If I was an element, I’d be water.
If I was a food, I would be ice cream.

If I was a place, I’d be a tree house.
If I was a material, I’d be lace.
If I was a taste, I’d be sweet.
If I was a scent, I’d be christmas cookies.


weekend scenes :: my sunny and me

* warning *
there will be many pictures of my dog

sunny and i hung out all weekend.
we went for a walk.
watered the flowers.
threw the tennis ball.
cuddled on the couch.
went to mj and pj's for dinner and dessert.

exciting, i know.


happy friday

it's me again!

i just wanted to say that i hope everyone has a happy friday AND weekend.

my mother came wednesday to help me with my classroom. we had a painting marathon (9am to 6pm straight, no lunch). it went from caution tape yellow (or what the paint store calls "citrus") to sanctuary green. there will be before and after pictures. right now, there aren't really afters. painting made me sore.

in other news, i organized some of the folders on my computer. i save a lot of crap. but now, it's organized crap. and i'm trying to make an effort to add apostrophes when i type.

k, bye friends!


pretty little things :: hydrangeas

these are my beautiful hydrangeas my friend, mary v, brought me from her house.
i couldn't stop staring at them. 
i've almost wrecked the car looking at hydrangeas in everyone's yards.
i love the blue ones. and the ones that turn purple.


mid-week jam :: i love the name marina

happy birthday, mary v!!!
meow, meow.


weekend scenes :: bachelorette squad

another bachelorette weekend...

bethy and colls relaxing on friday

this time in panama city beach for kati;

"green eyed girl" a la billy
there was a lot of stage time.

linda gets the only country song she knows serenaded on stage
and special song dedication. 

me and bethy
then, there was the lingerie shower and night;

the whole gang minus colls :(
kati got a lot of good stuff!

kati and her booty
mollie and friends take panama city beach.

amanda, me, brett, bethy, jami, kati, and wade
my jeromey, brother from a another mother.
 ^^ and look who came to party! ^^

another fun weekend with all of my friends.
too bad there has to be a wedding for us to get together so often.
beth and i are going to have to marry each other so we can hang out again!

we were supposed to go to orange beach but because of the tragic oil spill, quick change of plans, and we went to pcb. lucky for us, the weather was pretty cooperative and we got some good sun time. i managed not to get burned (which is a miracle and took a lot of dedication). we went to all of kati's favorite pcb spots (minus club la vela, sorry brett!). beth, our real single lady, got the singer's (billy) number as well as another guy that went to auburn. the rest of us got hit on by 18 year olds pretending to be 21 year olds and by canadians that made fun of me for saying "y'all." 

it was also a kind of high school reunion for me. the bartender was actually one of my good friends in high school (hello, free drinks). then i talked to an ex-fiance of a girl i thought was married, followed by a guy i havent seen in 8 years since american history in 11th grade, and then i saw another person acting a fool.... who i also went to high school with. only in pcb.

on the last night, jeromey met us for dinner and surprised kati and all of us by paying for our meal! his mamas raised him right :) and then of course he was rewarded with free drinks and our company.

note to self: im not 21 anymore.


mid-week jam :: i've got 97 tears

i wanted to post "sha la la" by question mark and the mysterians but apparently that one wasn't a hit but with me. so... download it. 

and personal note: christina, listen to the freaking songs. 

k, thanks, bye!


weekend scenes :: unmemorable memorial weekend

i really didnt do anything worth noting this weekend... 
but here goes anyway:

there was some dinner cooking...

gourmet turkey burger, succatash, and red potatoes

between the rain we decided to work out and do some hill sprints:

and we also walked the dogs:

both are retarded when it comes to squirrels...

they got to enjoy some puppy ice cream

in other news, i bought two bathing suits.