as you can tell by the frequency of posts... i have been busy with student teaching!
i am now known as "miss blackwood."

moments to note:
- handmade card addressed to MRS blackwood
- kindergarten students proclaim i have "hannah montana nails"
- impromptu teaching on second day due to student fight
- new buddy named Mar'Keith
- ive been told about dad's hairy armpits (yes, really)
- and most importantly, lots of hugs!

the kids are sweet (for the most part) and everyone has been so nice. i am tired but its not as bad as i thought it was going to be waking up at 6 everyday and still working at the gym. i cant wear jeans and i have to wear comfortable shoes which are not the cutest ones ever. but i start teaching next week and then i have to teach for two weeks straight! ahhhhhh!

in other news, project runway is back so i must take a shower now because as soon as its over at 10, i must be in bed. ha.


happy berfday...

to my mother!

i hope you have had a lovely day!
i love you, you are the best!


i dream a terrarium

while it is "snowing" outside... i want to bring some green indoors.
i have been planning on making a terrarium for awhile... maybe i will make one today. they have closed all the schools in the area for this "storm." the so called "snow" isnt even sticking to the ground.
people went crazy at the grocery store as if they were preparing for the apocalypse.

i LOVE snow. i woke up three times last night to check outside to see if it was snowing. the way they were talking on tv, i thought it was going to be like at least a foot of snow. to my despair, not once was there a sign of snow. at about 10 this morning... finally some flurries and then maybe what could be considered snow. though it wasnt gathering on the ground where i live.

in other news... i have had two consecutive dreams of animals attacking or trying to attack me. the first one was an attack skunk. it was tormenting cats and me. it started off just being outside and then it was inside dive bombing me like a terrorist. with much anxiety and trouble to open the door, i escaped from its wrath. then last night, i had a dream of an attack giant lizard. it was laying on a couch at a friends house. i was weary but at first i thought it was cute. then it started to stalk me and sunny. sunny was a little bitty puppy in the dream and there was also a kitten. the lizard was chasing me and the animals. i was trying to keep them from the crazed lizard. then the lizard was biting my back and i was screaming for the owner to help me.
i am still disturbed.

which continent is the flattest?


blast from the wayback

,ive always enjoyed looking at pictures and every time i went to my grandmothers house i would ask to go through all her old pictures. so when i was there during thanksgiving, my uncle salvaged a box of stuff she was "just going to throw away." in this box we found many gems including over 100 year old 2 dollar bills, telegrams, social security cards from distant relatives, two (yes, two) locks of hair (yikes), letters over a 100 years old, and other miscellaneous objects and pictures.

these are some of the pictures found and re-discovered:

my papa forest lamar wright
caption on the back read, "this was taken on a day when there was nothing to worry about."

my mama helen joy speigner wright
the bathing beauty

papa's mother(georgia florence johnson wright) and sisters

papa's sister, doris wright smith and bill

papa's 6th grade class

great great grandparents

my mother, ritchie carol wright blackwood and george wayne wright
every picture is with a dog... still like today

mama helen and george

papa forest

mother being 70's stylish with my uncles, tracy lamar and nicholas chad wright

i looooooove old pictures.


remember christmas












the end 


resolutions revisited

sunny was exhausted after her birthday fetch session

last year, i resolved to:
1. learn how to sew
2. become a morning person
3. be proactive

well, i still have no clue how to sew and i slept until 10 this morning. but i would say i have been pretty proactive this past year.
and i had to get up pretty early, pretty frequently too.

i dont know if im meant to be a morning person but i start student teaching next week. so ill be getting up early more frequently than not. and there's always hope for the sewing yet. it was just something fun i would like to do. its still on the list.

for 2010:
1. take more photographs-- i want more of my life documented and maybe become a better photographer along the way.
2. go to church/bible study more often-- seeing as i dont think i went to church one day in 2009.
3. enjoy the things i enjoy when i have the time to do so-- when i have time to relax and enjoy things i feel paralyzed from whatever i am recovering from.

what's your new new year resolutions?

and for today's trivia.....
in the world of whales and dolphins, what is spyhopping?

rising vertically out of the water to check the surroundings.

its a good tired


and today is...

sunny bunny's 3rd birthday!

she's one sweet little puppy!

how shall we celebrate?

what did basketball great michael jordon wear under his chicago bulls uniform for good luck?

answer: his basketball uniform shorts from the university of
north carolina. to cover his college shorts, jordan started wearing long, baggier buklls shorts--inadvertently launching a basketball fashion trend. 


happy "o-ten"

merry 2010, friends!

let me relay to you my fabulous nye:
i had plans to eat spaghetti and cuddle on the couch with sunny. this is what actually happened: i had a pound of frozen beef i was going to make a meat sauce with. usually i only use half a pound but for laziness sake i used the whole pound. needless to say my sauce just tasted like beef. then for my cuddle time with sunny... she wouldnt even sit with me on the couch for some reason. and i was in bed by 11:30. yay!

new years day:
watched the ever so dramatic auburn game. they won and lost a total of 3 times each. but in the end they won. wheew. lindsey and i made black eyed pea salad (for luck), pork chops, and asparagus (substitution for greens for money). kyla came over and we sort of watched monster in law.

anyway, greg gave me the gift of a calendar for christmas. but its right up my alley, trivial facts! so, diligent reader, you may also reap the benefits of said gift.

jan 1
approximately how many bubbles are there in the average bottle of bubbly, according to champagne maker moet & chandon?

answer: 250 million!

jan 2
what part of the anatomy has more sweat glands than any other?

answer: the sole of the foot with 3,000 per square inch!

ps. today is my dog, hula's birthday. she is 8!
hula, ruby, and sunny
christmas 2008