i <3 dolly parton

isn't she fantastic? she was on the view today. and she is always so sweet and so funny. when i was little, i wanted to be a country singer because of her! haha. but really i love her voice too! its so unique i dont get tired of hearing it!

sidenote: if i see another one of those sad humane society commercials im going to go crazy.

just like dolly, im working 9 to 5...


let the record show...

im still a kid.

this is what excites me currently:

1. harry potter

yes, i cannot WAIT for its return. its been two LONG years. oh, harry how ive missed you...

sidenote: im slightly obsessed with emma watson (hermione granger)... just look at her in teen vogue... please let me be her. why is everyone else living my life????

double sidenote: im also obsessed with jeweltones. the color in these photographs are AHmazing.

2. tim burton's alice in wonderland

johnny depp as the mad hatter

helena bonham carter as the queen of hearts.

anne hathaway as the white queen.

alice in wonderland is one of my favorite cartoon movies. its so whimsical and trippy. i cant wait to see what tim burton does with it. remember charlie and the chocolate factory???

pure excitement, dont judge me.


happy father's day, pop!

happy father's day to the best daddy in the world!
he got a new ugly hat and some more cologne.
as well as a fun time at the lake, of course.



keeping up with the jones's

Bo and Collier finally got married after an 18 month engagement in St. Simon's last weekend. though it was a long engagement, it really went by fast! i cant believe my little colls is a wifey :)

collier's sweet dad (ken) having a moment in the beautiful church.

a little detail of the pretty bride's flowers.

beth, me, and kati at the reception.

the night wouldnt have been complete without mine and collier's traditional picture.

"good luck" guys! ;)


new time waster

as you may know, im the world's biggest time waster. i have added a new website to my hobby.

make me babies.

this is mine and david beckham's love child:

isn't he cute? ok, creepy.

make babies, not war.


when i grow up...

i want to be or have wanted to be:

ballerina. artist. country singer. photo stylist. mermaid. back-up dancer. famous. broadway actor. art teacher. olympian. event planner. photographer. florist. barista. travel guide. tinkerbell at disney. mardi gras queen. magazine editor. journalist. writer. color forecaster. martha stewart prodigy. cake decorator. baker. fashion designer. model. stylist. dog walker. wedding planner. jewelry designer. chef. china painter. interior designer. tri-athlete. lifeguard. hippie. game show contestant. charity director. news anchor. food critic. parisian. trapeze acrobat. miss america. rockette. astronaut. therapist.

peter pan had the right idea