this is mostly me


this is kind of awkward. what do you say about yourself? i've gotten that question EVERY TIME in an interview and after about two sentences, i have nothing left to say. this time, i'll try to be more creative.

i grew up in the florida panhandle and until about the age of 6 i only wanted to wear skirts and have my hair in a bun (besides the occasional side pony tail). i'm thinking this is because my preschool teacher AND babysitter were pentecostal. oh, and my greatest aspirations were to be in the olympics and to be a country singer like dolly parton.

20 years later,
i still want to be a country singer like dolly parton. and be in the olympics.

while im not pursuing my life long dreams, i am a first year art teacher, cheerleading sponsor, and gymnastics coach. i prefer creamer and sugar in my coffee and my favorite color is turquoise. i am also partial to calling this year, "O-ten."

now, i live in birmingham, alabama or as i like to call, "the beautiful." i have a degree in graphic design and a master degree in art education. blah blah blah.

where did n.f.t.l.c. come from?
i wrote about it here

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