merry depressing time of year

i hope all had a very merry christmas!

though, the time right after christmas, makes me very depressed. i hate the day after christmas. as any year, i was in a funk. for some reason, it seemed worse this year. maybe it was because we didnt have kellie and jr (tear) or i didnt have the two weeks off before to anticipate (its all about the anticipation anyway) like i have had the past 5 years. or maybe because i was tired of christmas music since i heard it for over a month for hours on end at pbk. OR just maybe because it wasnt even cold outside; it was HOT!

i still had a very merry christmas. i love christmastime and everything that goes with it (preferably cooler weather). so maybe next year i wont be depressed.

i got a new camera for christmas and accidentally erased all the pictures from christmas day.


attention shoppers:

i made all A's.

i is smart.


im just saying...

i hate when people take photos at an angle to make it "artsy." i also hate when people take photos with a shallow depth of field (when just the very front object is in focus and the rest is a blur). it doesnt make you a good photographer.

im just saying...


ehhhh, no thanks.

why do people ask the question "hey, wanna hear/see something gross?" do you ever WANT to hear/see something gross? is there really an appropriate answer? maybe middle school boys actually WANT to hear/see something gross, but ive never been a middle school boy. it's kind of like "hey, smell this.." again, do you WANT to smell whatever "this" is? i dont. maybe its just me.

kellie, i was inspired by the story of jr and his conjoined twin... yeah "something" gross.




here are some pictures from halloween:

greg's pirate

my haunted house
our pies
our puppies

ps. i dont know how to rotate images... help?


substitute "teacher"

this is a drawing one of my second graders drew for me. she first drew all these different hairstyles and made me choose which one i wanted (i chose the long and curly 'do). then she drew me with my new hair. her name is arriyon and she is so funny. she's really into hair and nails. she told me that she is getting a "spa" for christmas. "it has a little tub for you to soak your nails in." so cute.

so i was the substitute teacher today for 2.5 hours for my second grade class. i had a total of 3 children cry and multiple meltdowns but they all gave me a hug when i left. i consider it a success. lesson learned though: i do not want to be a second grade teacher.

interesting point: there are multiple children that cannot read or read very well and then there are students in the same class that are on a 4th grade level. i feel so bad for the students that cannot read because a lot of them arent getting the help or attention they need. being a teacher is hard! thats why im going to teach art... everyone can color!

my name is miss mollie. i am friendly.


designing interior-ly

i havent done much in the new apartment but this is what lindsey and i are planning to do in our "dining" area... so, if you have any random plates.... send them my way!

ps. i thought of this idea and then i found a picture on thenest.com... ha


what i should be doing...

is homework.... but why do dogs want to eat non-food items? sunny eats her toys. tennis ball, stuffing, plastic keys, etc. she also really likes paper towels/napkins and dryer sheets. i know it doesnt taste good. i think she would rather have a dryer sheet for dinner than her science diet. weird animals.

dryer sheets. its what's for dinner.


'tis the season

i guess from working retail this year... i am extra excited about the holidays! we started getting christmas decorations last month and thanksgiving ones in september....so.. i want to decorate everything with leaves and fall foliage then cranberries and mistletoe... i signed up for martha stewart's (you know how i love her) christmas workshop... i cant wait for it to start... right now, i really want to make a fall wreath with all the pretty leaves outside.. i also want to make some napkin rings and a table centerpiece with twigs and small pumpkins and gourds.. if only i had the time :(

happy holidays!


i <3 fall

usually when i think of 280 (the main road that runs through bham) i cringe. the traffic is awful, people drive crazy, red lights, etc... but the past few days, i love 280. why? its beautiful! it is rolling hills and trees on both sides. you can see up the "mountain" covered with trees. what brought this to my attention is since the weather is getting cooler, that means the changing of the leaves. living in florida (an everGREEN state) all my life, i never really witnessed the leaves turning colors. even in auburn, it wasnt this pronounced as it is here in birmingham. its so neat! i love it! my favorite is the bright/deep red and when you can see the change happening on a particular tree. im going to take a picture today or tomorrow of this road right off 280 near an office building with the most vibrant red leaves ever.

its the time of the season....


dang intuition

im tired of everyone calling each other ignorant. get over it. the election is over. only time will tell.

i didnt support either candidate fully but i voted for mccain for a few reasons but one was because certain obama supports made me want to poke my eyes in and wish i were deaf. there's your "change." and they are the ones i know calling everyone ignorant. if you are wanting peace, why are you being a jerk???? HYPOCRITES.

im just glad people voted.


praying for the future.

le busy

so ive been busy and slacking on the posting... but this is whats up...

i taught a little lesson to my second graders that i go see on tuesdays and thursdays. i usually just visit and sit in the back but i got to be the "teacher" for a moment. they had been reading james and the giant peach so i decided to do a little comprehension activity. i called it "james and the giant peach a to z." they had to name a charcter, object, word, or something important from the book for every letter of the alphabet. they really loved it and i think it was a successful activity. my teacher said it was "really fun" and she was impressed by how much the kids remembered from the story. i even whipped out my "teacher voice." you know what im talking about.

ive got to do another "lesson" on thursday... might be interesting.

whenever i get pictures on my computer.. ill post them of the jack-o-lanterns greg and i carved and the pies we made from them. also, the dogs in costumes.

war eagle..


dear sports fans and voters

i have noticed that with the fall months and the approaching election.... football season and politics brings out the worst in people!.. my tolerance for people has fallen at least 65 percent... every football season my tolerance for people lowers but this year with the added election.... oh boy.

obnoxious football fans claiming allegiance to a team they woke up and decided to pull for while they bash the other fans that have connection with their team and arent just fans because of the football team or a dead football coach... what i have a problem with is the obnoxious part... so you have pick a random team to pull for because you live in the state or your best friend goes to school there... whatever... but you dont have to be obnoxious and bash the fans of other teams!... what gives you that right???... and who cares!!!... yes, i love when auburn has a great season.. .but im not a fan because of the football! i didnt choose to go to auburn because i like the mascot or bo jackson!.. all im saying is youre not a fan when you act like a jerk, connections or not...

and the politics!... im so ready for it to be november 4th.... but then i know either way, its never going to end... i had a dream that mccain won and all the obama supporters were screaming conspiracy... but anyway... its the same thing with football... be a supporter of whoever you want for whatever reason but why name calling? why the constant bashing of other supporters? i know people get passionate about things but remember, in politics someone just the opposite of you is just as passionate... if i see another facebook status about politics... im going to snap!... direct quote from a facebook status "... if any of you actually believe Sarah Palin is qualified to be our VP (and potentially, our president) you are dangerously blind and foolish.".... really??? and you are the expert on politics??? oh wait, you just graduated in graphic design... we should all consult you with our political inquiries... i dont care who you support... but that is so uncalled for... you're screaming for world peace yet you say things as such.... give me a break.

ive decided not to vote.. instead im going to choose to negate someone else's vote...


lake fun

i took this picture weekend before last at the lake... i think its so cute! sunny was really into fishing, as was greg. neither of them caught anything though... greg did recover one of the fishing poles from the bottom of the lake... daddy got the other while scuba diving. love love love the lake!


my question is....

what is the deal with skulls? why have they become a trend? like why do people think skull jewelry and skull accessories are "cool?" i sold an orange skull mousepad at pottery barn today... what the heck? skulls are morbid... yes, i know in certain cultures, like in mexico, they have skull stuff for celebrations... for day of the dead... but if youre living in mountain brook... youre not mexican!... i just dont get it... i just saw a wedding cake on tv with a skull theme... really??? i just dont think i can rock the skull.

have i lost my head?


another sign

another sign that i am old.....

i hate fast drivers! i hate those drivers that speed to stop signs, ride my tail in neighborhoods, zoom past the house when im taking sunny out or at the school when im trying to cross the road. i hate them all! where are they going? why do they think they are so important? do they think its fun to drive like crazy bats? or do they think its cool??? whatever their answer, i dont like it.

my life in the sunday drivers lane


it didnt happen

i found.....a gray..... HAIR!
it was growing straight from my head!
there is nothing you can say to console me.

one gray hair = denial
second gray hair = dismal
third gray hair = devastation



things i would like to do...soon:
(this is not a "before i die list")

1. go rock climbing
2. check out oak mountain state park
3. go on a picnic
4. do a couple of oil paintings or make something
5. learn how to sew... anything
6. buy a new camera
7. receive some postcards!
8. join another gym
9. get a massage/pedicure

i will come up with more


i like to make lists

things im happy about right now:
(in no particular order)

1. i found a bunch of new fun creative websites
2. finished another book... In The Woods
3. sunny slept with me in bed all day
4. the cooler weather outside!
5. i actually enjoyed work today... i know!
6. being in a good mood and not knowing why...
7. my eye is getting better!... slowly
8. my pretty flowers i bought at publix

i also like to check things off lists


apple of my sty

i have a sty... it hurts like hell. i also look like a domestic abuse victim... and i know people are staring at it when i go places... i was worried it was going to be staff so i went to the eye doctor... waited for about an hour and a half for him to tell me there is nothing he can do... that it will go away on its own and to continue putting a hot compress on it and if it doesnt go away in two weeks ill be sentenced to an eye patch for the rest of my life... so im taking donations so that i can buy the eye patch of my one-eyed dreams... leather with rhinestones... when i asked the doc if there were any ways to prevent this situation he replied "so youre telling me you dont want this to happen again?".... ummmmmmm YEAH! he also said no, some people just get them.... doomed.

sty it aint so...


follow up

well i have found a temporary cure to my wondering about being in another generation....



living in another generation

so i was thinking today... what would i be like if i grew up in a different generation.. what if i were 23 in 1978 or 1968 instead of 2008.. would i be the same fundamental me? i have always had a fascination with being a hippie (i would be one, though im not sure if i have the dedication right now)... what if i were one from the 60's... what if i were disco-ing through the 70's... what would i be fascinated with then??.. would i still believe in the same things as i do now?...i dont think my major even existed then... i dont know, it makes my mind go crazy thinking about it... i think i would be a real hippie and i would burn a lot of incense and eat only vegetables i grew in my yard and slather myself in patchouli... i think i might do that now anyway.... well, its just something to think about and im going to continue to ponder it...

make love, not war


sink or swim

just something ive thought a lot about from time to time...

i think everyone should be required to know/learn how to swim. knowing how to swim is a huge life skill. i know people have made it through life not knowing but wouldnt it make it easier to be able to swim?.. think about pool parties as a kid, going to the beach, staying at a hotel with a pool, fishing, water skiing, going on a cruise, anything that involves water! dont you feel more comfortable knowing how to swim??? think about accidents that involve water. one's argument could be "even good swimmers can drown.".... yes, this is true but i think if one has a basic ability of swimming, they would remain calmer and smarter in the incidence of an accident (ex. being caught in a rip tide). all im saying is that what is it going to hurt to know how to swim and you never know if it could save your life or someone else's.

dedicated to you, michael phelps.


the food not the crayon

how come mac and cheese is so good?... everyone loved it as a child and its definitely been a staple for me through college... but why? its just cheese and pasta... i love kraft, velveeta, and homemade mac and cheese... its all good... though i will have to say lunchroom mac and cheese wasnt that great... i dont know one person that doesnt like it.

i got the bluesssss


life update

ive started grad school... i've got a job... not a real job... hold your gasps... i got a part time job at pottery barn kids.. which means i get a 40% discount at potterybarn and a discount (not sure how much) at williams sonoma. how awesome.... if i ever get an apartment again, it will be fully stocked... which brings me to my next update... it looks like i wont be moving out of the grandparents for a while... the first potential roommate had a 4 month old german shepard... nope.... the second potential roommate claims to be allergic to the smell of alcohol (even one poured glass of wine)... as you all know im a heavy drinker that wasnt going to work out.... come on! really???? i cant have a glass of wine with dinner???... probably a sign that i did not need to live with her.

thus, im still floating in the universe with no real direction. why does it seem like the majority of people have their lives unfolded fatefully for them while i am in constant flux?... im fine with my flux, if i could learn to enjoy it rather than be anxious and/or uneasy.

had a great time at the lake this weekend with greg, liz, and greg's friend and bandmate, anthony. little did i know that anthony is deathly afraid of water. it was fun going to the lake on my own. felt cool and i hope i can make some more trips up soon... so if anyone wants to go, let me know!... we swam, jumped off the double decker pier across the lake, kayaked, greg and anthony played guitars, made up a word game, tried to fish, lost two fishing poles, and grilled out... i want to do it again! despite all that fun, i discovered that my faithful camera is broken.

so what's next? liz and i are going to start a business soon... so be on the look out.

this is what i do instead of my homework.


name me beautiful

so if you dont know.. im obsessed with names... i know kelly completely understands, as we have had many of conversations about names... i love family names. i love unique names. i loved plain names that arent so plain to me. i even love double names...i keep a running list of favorite names.

my philosophy on names....

- i think names shape who you are to some degree... majority of people fit their names

- names are so powerful... for instance, they can hold a connotation... ex. ive never liked anyone with the name amber... when i hear that name, i automatically have bad thoughts about the person.

- names dont have to be memorable.. but it helps.

- in those baby books, it says to avoid names that can have nicknames... like ryhmes with other words... i disagree... nicknames make people likable... and you cant really avoid nicknames unless you name your kid boring.

anyway... im name obsessed.. i could talk all day about my favorite names and pairing of names... syllable count in names... love it all!... name wisely people.. even your dogs!

a girl i went to school with had a baby... i saw her working at burger king and asked her what she named the baby... "Iamunique," she replies.... "excuse me, spell that."... "I-A-M-U-N-I-Q-U-E, Iamunique."


first day of hell, i mean grad school

today was my first day of grad school.... i had two three hour classes.... and trust me we stayed the WHHOOOLLLLEEEE time... my first class was content area reading... what is that you ask? i ask the same question..... that class was so confusing! and this white trash guy started an argument with the teacher at the end of class about who knows what... but it involved him saying "thats not how they do it at montevallo!" and "YOU need to tell the dean to stop lying to their students!"...

my next class which meets from 7:15-9:45pm is survey of special education... the teacher is a really funny black lady named rita brown... she is really sweet and has worked in special education for twenty something years... but some of the students in the class should be in special education classes NOT learning about special education... thats all im saying!

what have i got myself into?


where shopping is a pleasure

i just wanted to give a shout out to my favorite grocery store, PUBLIX!.. i love publix... its always so clean inside, they play good music, i love their packaged fruit... i love it all. all the employees are happy to be there (at least they do a good job acting)... they are always so friendly and helpful... they always help unload groceries for old people and if they arent busy, they help me too... multiple times they have gotten my cart from me when im done at the car... and they always have a policeman outside the store... i definitely feel safe and its always a great experience...

chick-fil-a is also another place where they are always friendly and "happy to serve you."

what is publix and chick-fil-a doing for their employees that other places are not? we have all been to a store, restaurant, what have you, that the employees are completely rude and pissed that you are even there... so what is it? the management? the environment? the benefits? screening of employees?

so i have concluded that they must be magicians because people are cynical and dont really want to work.

keep on, keepin' on publix and chick-fil-a!


duuummmm dummm du duuummmm

oh these days i feel like i have been completely submersed in weddings galore... from random girls that were in chi o with me becoming engaged when i didnt even know they had boyfriends to my best friends being engaged to watching bridezillas on WE (which is currently on tv)... these are my thoughts (many conflicting with one another) on weddings/engagements...

- i hate when people put their facebook picture as their engagement ring... i think it totally devalues the love aspect of being engaged... you arent your engagement ring!

- i want a pretty/sparkly ring that people appreciate aesthetically

- i hate when brides think the wedding day is "their" (as in singular possessive) day... what about your husband?

- i love to plan and organize and decorate... a wedding is all of that... details, details, DETAILS!

- i really want a pretty dress!

- i really hate long ceremonies... what are you trying to prove?

- i dont want a wedding because i think its selfish spending all that money for one day... take the money and put a down payment on a house, vacation, etc...

- i think its selfish not to have a wedding (ive come to realize that your family and friends want to be there to celebrate with you, as i want to celebrate good things with them).. i know, everyone faint now.

with all of that being said, i really do love weddings but its a love/hate relationship... i absolutely love being in weddings (thank you to all my engaged/married friends/sister) and the festivities and the decorations and the food and the friends and the ridiculous stories that come from one single day.... sigh.. so i hope all you are keeping your calandars open for my 2011 wedding ... phahahaha!

maybe i want a wedding and not a marriage or do i want a marriage and not a wedding?


team usa

since the olympics started, i have been completely obsessed. i wouldnt consider myself the proudest american or event that patriotic... but theres something about those dang olympics! i always got WAY into them when i was little (hello, gymnastics 92 and especially 96!)... but i guess when my own olympic dream died shortly after the 96 olympics.. i just couldnt bare to watch... but lets just say... ive still got hope (germany has a gymnast that is 33)... anyway, i have watched every sport from cycling to beach volleyball to synchonized diving... i love it all..... go usa!

i think the chinese are actually robots, not people.


queen theme continued...

so i bought a new book this weekend... its called abundance... and i am really enjoying it. it is about the life of marie antoinette which is something that has fascinated me... anyway, when i read a really good book, my thoughts take on the language/tone of the book.. so everyday/mundane activities are thus transformed in my head... example.. "as i take the laundry out of the dryer, there in the very back remained one single white sock woven from the finest of cotten blends of taiwan. there it sits as to escape the outside world and remain hidden from all its burdens..." i know this is ridiculous but for some reason i cannot help it. you can only imagine what my thoughts were like when i was reading harry potter....

sidebar: my next dog, i want to name her marie antoinette and call her netty.. and it will only be natural for me to call her netty belle.......shout out to kelly's grandma!

i think i may have been royalty in a past life... long live the queen!


does this make me old?

so... i bought my first eye creme the other day... i dont know how i feel about it... im just going to think of it as prevention... though, there ARE visible fine lines... and to make me feel better, i got the burt's bees kind instead of the heavy duty old lady stuff... it was still expensive for the smallest container ever made... but it has royal jelly in it (which is what the worker bees feed the queen bee who lives twice as long and grows twice as big)... that has to be something...

im the queen bee, bitches!