saturday night pondering

"Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you.
Just measure it in inches."
-andy warhol

ps. if you like cheeky, sometimes crude, true humor, check out this blog.

happy birthday to my sister!


happy birthday, kellie!
i hope you, boom, and junior have a great day!!!
love you!

ps... i had to put the yard youngin' pic up. its too cute!


happy friday

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arent the olympics awesome?
i didnt think i really liked the winter ones, but i do...

go usa!


pretty little things


i love looking at pretty things. dont you?
i must go outside and throw the ball for sunny before she drives me crazy.
my teacher hacked and coughed on everything today. 
now im couging.
and im watching tyra. 
i have homework to do. miserable homework.
i think ill make some rosemary cookies. 
have a nice evening.


mid-week jam

this song makes me happy in a similar way that the smiths song does. its a good pick me up for the middle of the week. 

sorry to interrupt this post but sunny just ran into the wall during one of her "running around like a crazy dog" fits! 
special puppy.
dont worry, she's not hurt and it didnt slow her down a bit.

ok, so yeah.. happy wednesday!



t.m.i. tuesday

because its my blog... and i do what i want.

i am going to tell the tale of a very painful, nerve racking, disturbing experience yesterday and surprisingly it has nothing to do with kids...

so after teaching all day and baking cookies for my teachers bday, i had to go to my bi-monthly torture session aka student teaching seminar. we were moved from our spacious room fit with desks and arm room to a cramp mini-theater style suffocation holding chamber. i chose the seat second from the end by this guy i know (i thought it would be awkward if i chose the end seat bc it would be me saying "i really dont want to sit beside you" and chose the second to the end seat beside him which now that i think about it is probably more awkward, but i digress). so anyway, this red-headed fellow comes in late and naturally the only open seat is the one i didnt choose to my left. i would say he had an awkwardness about him but it was subtle. 

this is when the disturbing event takes place...

said fellow chews and i mean GNAWS his fingernails for the next TWO HOURS STRAIGHT. and when i say two hours... i mean CONSTANTLY. it was so ridiculous, i looked on my watch to time him. 

he was using his other hand to position the thumb nail so that he could get the best gnawing angle. he was spitting fingernail pieces on the floor, wiping them on his shirt and pants. he was making noises kind of like when sunny licks and chews her feet. he was turning his head to get the best advantage on his nails, i mean he was really getting down on them! i kept thinking, "there is no way he has anything left to chew" but how wrong was i! i am not exaggerating for the sake of a story on this one... he really did chew his nails the ENTIRE time. cant you tell how disturbed i am???

so not only being grossed out by the noises and the flicking of chewed fingernail shards, the only thing i could think of was, "he's been at a school all day." if you havent been to a school lately, they are like living petri dishes. kids coughing, spitting, picking noses, using the bathroom... and turning the same door knob as him. i wanted so badly to bring someone else's attention to the situation so that they could suffer with me. i kept looking at the dude to give him a hint but he was in the zone. i really contemplated just telling him but im not heartless.

we had two guest speakers... one of which was very interesting and enjoyable but i couldnt fully concentrate on them because red to my left was having the thanksgiving dinner of nail chewing.

still completely disturbed... and grossed out.


text message conversation:
me: pants on the ground, pants on the ground.
greg: yep.
greg: what made you think of that?
me: well i wanted to send you a text though i had nothing to say. so it was either pants on the ground or you are my sunshine. the choice was obvious.
greg: yes it was...


weekend scenes

this weekend was quite typical... i was sick. 
it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL on saturday and i stayed in my bed until about noon. then i moved to the couch until about 3 when i decided it was time to clean myself up. after shower time, i then resumed my position on the couch for the rest of the night... hints "saturday night pondering."

sunday though, i felt about 87%. i visited mj and pj. sunny got to play with them while i ran errands and then we went to lunch at the olive garden. later, wade and i walked our respective puppies as it started to get cloudy. so it turned out being a good ending to another potentially totally depressing weekend with great weather.

and here's to another frigid week. the high on wednesday is like 36. wtf.


saturday night pondering

 via s.hoptalk

i have been thinking a lot lately of how "when i have a job,"
i will be able to: ________.
i can go on vacations, buy clothes, buy gifts for everyone (yes, really).
but then i realize that i hope for a lot of other things
that dont depend on me "struggling for riches."

i have been watching curling all day...
and i still have no idea how it works.
yet, i dont turn the channel.


pretty little things

images 1 & 2 {this is glamorous} image 3 a.hana design

had a good day teaching today... all the "bad" classes were actually good!

on another note, sunny terrorized a lab puppy. 
i have raised a monster.


mid-week jam

ive had a day of teaching and kids. this song doesnt neccessarily reflect my day. it is a depressing song but it makes me happy. ha!

now im going to rot my brain with toddlers and tiaras. night night!


t.m.i. tuesday


how i met cap'n greg...
greg lived next door to me in auburn. i was in apartment 6, he in apartment 5. i lived in this apartment for a year and a half before greg moved in with my loud, sometimes obnoxious, but friendly neighbor. i didnt even know greg lived in apartment 5 for a few months despite the fact that we shared a wall and both front and back porches. 

our first encounter was on the back deck when i was taking sunny out to potty. greg was sitting in a chair reading a book without a shirt on. we did the introductions and i thought he was mocking my southern accent. turns out... thats how he really talks.

for another year, we did the usual "hellos" and a story about how his grandmother thinks she personally knows scott peterson (because she watches the news so much; she refers to him by scott) followed by a few silly facebook messages.

then late one night, about 2 years ago, i walked past his window while taking sunny out and witnessed a horrifying sight. greg was drinking milk FROM THE CARTON. (if you didnt know, im super weird about milk... that could be a post in itself) so, i took it upon myself to open the back door (letting sunny run inside) and yell at him about drinking milk from the carton. we then watched a bootleg smiths concert on dvd while i made some ridiculous comments about expensive purses and "livin' it like it is."

the next day, he texted me to come over for breakfast (at noon, which i had already eaten breakfast) and we ate eggs and french toast (wheat bread) and drank coffee. 

our first official date wasnt until over a month later when we went to the hank williams museum in montgomery followed by dinner at carrabas and a walk into the tuskegee forest.

greg probably has a different version of the story... but this is the official one. 


weekend scenes


it did snow after all!
i got a whopping 4 day weekend! hooray!

sunny loves the snow. she gets so excited...


and then there was a BEAUTIFUL sunset...

for v-day... since my valentine couldnt be in town, i threw a dinner party for my "single ladies." we had french onion soup with grilled cheese sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, poundcake with ice cream and topped with more strawberries. 


i also gave them valentines...


and made up a game for us to play.


i had a lot of fun doing it all and i think they enjoyed it as well.


happy day of hearts and love!

who wouldnt want to go to this party? 
i want to have this party.

the gorgeous table...


and cakes...

i can dream...

my valentines


more hearts

wouldnt you love to get this valentine from a classmate?

this is from mer mag... a blog i adore. i want to be this mom. she's so awesome.
and creative.

or this valentine...
from simple lovely... another mother i aspire to be (with or without kids). 

i made a pretty sweet valentine for greg. unfortunately i didnt take a picture. but i might make another just to document it. i cant wait until he gets it in the mail!


my love for valentine's day

i cant explain how much i LOVE valentine's day.
i love anything hearts. pink and red. lace. 
i loved v-day in school and getting all the cute cards from my friends. 
and candy.
i love making or buying cards for everyone i love. 
i love valentine's day.
i love making cookies and treats and decorations.
though, i really dont have the time anymore.
but i still LOVE valentine's day. 
a lot of people say they hate the holiday. 
that it is hallmark trying to make some money.
but its so pretty and no matter what, you still have people to love and love you!

valentine's inspiration i am loving...



today is a snowless, snow day. i am enjoying watching martha stewart and blogging. 


i didnt really think i had a celeb look alike...

but apparently i do... christy turlington, supermodel.


birthdays were had

if you didnt already know, i had my 25th birthday. it was all i expected it to be... just another day with more text messages and presents. it started with a kind birminghamian (?) running me off the road on the way to school. but, i did get out of school an hour early, greg came into town, and i ate dinner at california pizza kitchen (or chicken) with my grand parents. i got all my favorite things: cook books, wine, flowers, skinny cows, starbucks, and money. hooray! so it really was great. 

over christmas, my friend hamp and i and his family were talking about age. we all finally came to the consensus that 25 really is younger than we all thought it was going to be. hamp, 27, used to think he would be married and have one kid by now, brut (hamp's brother) thought he would be married and thinking about kids, and i thought i would be married (during my 25th year... not going to happen). hamp's older cousins (who just had their first child at 37) had the same ideas. but kate (cousin) said she really needed her 20's and 30's to figure her life out. it was an interesting and enlightening conversation. as trite as it may be, age really is just a number and personal perception. so im going to stop feeling bad about being 25, still in school, still being supported, and working for an hourly wage. yay!

other events of note: 
papa jack turned 82 yesterday! he celebrated with dinner at logan's roadhouse and probably 6 hours of fox news on repeat. 

he said he had a lot of phone calls and cards. 
happy bday, pj!