mid-week jam

most of you know that dolly parton is my idol. 
this is my favorite song of dolly's (yes, we are on first name basis).
this is probably the only song i would ever karaoke.


t.m.i. tuesday

if you would, indulge yourself in some of the things i've been cooking...

been burrito with homemade guac

steak prepared and cooked on the cast iron by greg with a delish rub with wilted spinach and homemade mashed potatoes

sauteed chicken with a lime, avocado, red onion salsa with a side of saffron rice and black beans

the beginning of french onion soup that i never recaptured

lemon buttery goodness chicken with red potatoes and asparagus

homemade chunky tomato soup with a grilled cheese

sauteed chicken wrapped in prosciutto with a sage sauce

for some reason i just started taking pictures of my meals... because they look and taste so good! i need to work on my food photography skills :)


saturday night pondering

"When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people;
as I grow older, I admire kind people."
Abraham Joshua Heschel

ps. sunny looks like the dog in the picture. she is in need of a haircut in a bad way. 


happy friday

riddle me this...

what nickname did hockey great bernie geoffrion, boxing champ ray mancini, and tennis phenom boris becker have in common?

boom boom!

have a great weekend, friends :)

ps. thank you greg for the amazing trivia facts calendar.


pretty little things

i would like to have dinner at this table, please.

i have had a tired week. coming back to school after having a week off was so hard. but good news, my graduation is may 8th! hooray! another week closer!


saturday night pondering

is this not the philosophy we all need?
happiness is relevant but so real.

are you happy?


happy friday

have a great weekend


pretty little things

spring is finally (almost, about to be) here! 
it makes me want a tan.
but im happy about having plants on my porch again. 
ahhhhhhh :)


mid-week jam

this is one of my favorite ryan adams songs. 
greg and i saw him in concert last march. 
i thought this would be a good follow up to greg's super performance from last week seeing as ryan is one of greg's favorite and an influence in his own music. 
please enjoy.

happy st. patricks day!
kiss me... im part irish!

ps. if i had to be celebrity couple i would definitely choose ryan adams and mandy moore!


t.m.i. tuesday

here's the story on "notes from the liquor cabinet":
 some of you may already know

two summers ago, eager and bright eyed, i took an internship at the birmingham museum of art starting right after my graduation from auburn. i had imagined it to be this grand super awesome experience and that i was going to learn so much about museums and being a REAL graphic designer. to my disappointment,
it fell somewhat short of that.

i was set up with a computer in a closet without windows with my back to the door (and mostly without human interaction). but...
this was no ordinary closet. this was a special closet.

this closet was so special, it housed all the liquor and booze for the museum's monthly cocktail party, art on the rocks.

being left with my thoughts and internet access, thus, my blog was born for your
(and mostly my) enjoyment.
disclaimer: the internship wasnt completely miserable. i enjoyed being at the museum, got to come in at like 10 every morning, hour lunches, and left by about 4 every day.


weekend scenes

it is my spring break and i am in south carolina!
while ive been here...
we fed the (not so little) little boom boom...

we played with boom...

 we fed ourselves...

i ran with this beauty. or she ran me...

and more playtime.
yay, fun!


happy friday

sunny's first sundae

we both love ice cream.


pretty little things

i love paris.
just a few days over two years ago, i was there!
i can't wait to go back.


mid-week jam

some of you may have seen this gem already. 
but those of you that haven't, you're welcome.

this is my cap'n singing a cramps song in the style of charlie feathers.
he's so talented :)
really, he is!
(check out the special effects)

how it came into creation:
greg came to visit and of course i teach all day leaving him to his thoughts. i came home from the school and greg announces that i won't have to get a teaching job because "he's blowing up." he sits down at the computer (me thinking he's showing me an email from a recipient of one of his resumes) and  proceeds to show me this little video. after just talking to a girl at school about our recent grad boyfriends without jobs... i was thinking about jobs. my disappointment didn't lag. i proclaimed, "i thought you had GOOD news." as greg should have been, he was irritated with that statement. but in greg style, he couldn't stay mad for long and nor could i.

more cap'n videos to come.


t.m.i. tuesday


my name is mollie and im weird about milk.

my milk rules:
1. i do not share milk from the glass.
2. i do not drink milk within one day of the expiration date.
3. i dig in the milk shelf to find the latest expiration date.
4. only ice cold milk, if it gets above 34 degrees, i dont want it.
5. no skim milk... it looks like dirty water.
6. absolutely no drinking milk from the carton! (greg)
7. if i havent opened the jug in a couple of days...
its no good.
 8. there is no drinking milk from an already used glass and vice versa.
clean glasses only!

 warm milk makes my skin crawl. i dont know how people drink that. that probably explains why i eat ice cream extremely fast... i dont like it to melt.

i think i would be friends with the olsen twins if they ever met me.


weekend scenes

 me, christanka, & kyky
we took a mini road trip to auburn to see our optional (levels 7, 8, &9) gymnasts compete.

level 7


me and tina went to cvs... we found the 90% off cart and bought a whole lot of crap for kyla (who waited in the car). she was surprised. i bought 3 loofas for 50 cents and some valtentine handcuffs for 9 cents!

little sunny bunny stayed with mj and pj. 
she loves them more than me.
they spoil her more than me.


who's with me?

has anyone seen it yet?
i cant wait to see it!
finally, its here! 
ive been waiting in anticipation for a year!



i have been waiting for a good 4 years for this one.
im a fanatic.
and i cannot wait, absolutely going to burst into a million pieces, if i dont get to go soon!
dream come true.

yes, im a little kid.


saturday night pondering

"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather".
~John Ruskin


happy friday

i forgot what i was searching... something about cooking i think...
but what's the deal, google search predictor? 

hope everyone has a fabulous friday.


pretty little things

today was my first day at my high school placement for my internship... and i parked in the principal's parking space... and was asked to move. whoops.


weekend scenes

greg came!

 we celebrated kyla's birthday

beautiful day on sunday...
so we went to montevallo to see greg's sister, calli, play tennis.

it was like disney world for sunny.
she's never seen so many tennis balls.
a kind stranger felt sorry for her and gave her two.

 she was one tired puppy