pretty little things

you all should know that i'm a dog person...
i found this artist.
im in love.


mid-week jam

have a good wednesday, yall!


t.m.i. tuesday

this image has nothing to do with this post

recently, i have been asked a few times where my parents got the name "mollie joy."

hang on, im about to debunk all myths.

mollie is a family name on my mother's side. it is my great great grandmother's name, molly brown. no, not THE unsinkable molly brown, just molly brown from alabama. some people, despite my objection, like to think the unsinkable molly brown is my kin. but no. 

joy is on both sides of my family (ha). my grandmother on my mother's side is helen joy. my great aunt on my father's side is named joy. double the joy.

obviously, my parents had to alter the spelling of molly to mollie so that it would look good on christmas cards with my mother and sister's name (ritchIE and kellIE). 

other name facts:
my auburn id was blackmj. i remembered it as "black michael jackson." RIP.
it doesnt really bother me when people spell my name with a Y. whatev.
my family has a tendency to call me mollie joyous one. 
on my birth announcement, they thought my mom was the dad (ritchie) and that it must be a typo for my dad's name (jay for joy). so ritchie and joy welcomed their baby, mollie joy.

my cooperating teacher at the high school commented that i had a really good name, that it sounded like the name of someone in american folklore. i responded that i liked my name. ive always identified with it. :)


happy birthday to my main man!

today is this handsome devil's 26th birthday!

greg is the best. he's the sweetest, funniest, and smartest guy i know (besides my daddy :) ). greg loves coffee and good music. he's addicted to working out, writes awesome melodies, and his favorite cake is german chocolate. his dream is to live in a shack with a recording studio surrounded by friends (preferably the hippie type)...
(i will have a house in town with running water and air conditioning.)

happy birthday, cap'n greg!!!
i hope its the best 26th birthday you'll ever have!


happy friday

have a happy friday, friends!


pretty little things

i found these pictures here.
they are supposed rarely seen photos of celebrities.
mostly older celebs... you know, the best.

1. david bowie and liz taylor
2. goldie hawn
3. marilyn monroe (i cant get over this one! so beautiful)
4. audrey hepburn

i should be doing homework


mid-week jam

i love this song.
name someone who has a voice like freddie mercury.
you can't.
point proven.


but really, you cant deny that his voice is amazing.
this song is awesome too.


t.m.i. tuesday

unfortunately, sunny has not mastered this trick yet

it's me again.
i have a mishmash of tuesday stuff for you.

here goes...

ive been looking for a name for my favorite color... and its the color of an awesome swimming pool. im going to call it.......

second order of business...
this photo.

for all you still wondering on how to use the semicolon...
take hold.
help is here.

and for the grand poopah....
i made stir fry for the first time tonight with A LOT of veggies.
and had a skinny cow for dessert.

night night!


weekend scenes

we went to the 280 boogie this weekend in waverly, al (10 miles from auburn on 280).
it is a hippie sort of affair. 
not quite an art festival, not quite a music one, or a family event either.
its all of the above. greg and i went two years ago as one of our first "dates."
people bring their dogs, its free, and just a really laid back event.
we saw some old friends, met some new, and talk to some random people as well.

i hope we go back next year!


pretty little things

even though i had a long weekend and its only thursday... its been a long week.

ps. i had an interview today.



mid-week jam

this song gets me pumped in the morning on the way to work.
i bet youre pumped right now.
are you pumped?
because im pumped :)


weekend scenes

greg and i went to carrollton for a my friends' (kati and will) couples shower.
greg was the snazziest dressed guy there.
we played ping pong (me and in heels).

on sunday, greg and i decided we should go to the lake.
the weather just wouldnt have it any other way.

spice mostly hid from the sun.

greg prepared for his career as an expert angler.

i showed greg how to do sudoku.

and plenty of sun!


happy friday

i hate to boast... but i have a 3 day weekend!
and its supposed to be nice weather.
im going to see friends on saturday...
hopefully the lake on sunday.


the other day i sent greg an email saying that i wanted to pick wild flowers...
do flowers from people's yards count as "wild?"

i dont know why, but when i go for a run or just driving around, i have the impulse to pick flowers from people's yards or trees.
right now, all the blooming dog wood is really tempting me.

are there laws against this?

just asking... not that i would ever act on my impulses :)

i hope you have a splendid/swell/super awesome weekend!


pretty little things

ok, so i love outdoor dining.
can i recreate this somehow??
take me there.
with good food.
and ice cream.


mid-week jam

this is the second song i would karaoke...
if i were forced to karaoke.

another favorite duet...
dolly parton and kenny rogers (duh)

i thought of more the other day but being me i didnt write them down so i could remember them. ill keep thinking... bert and ernie doesnt really count?


t.m.i. tuesday

there was nothing on tv sunday night....
so i made the decision to watch....


let's just say i havent watched the disney channel in some time.
it was enchanting.

i sent my friend christina a text asking her if it was ok for me to be watching this movie ( you know there are rules to being a teacher, like touching students or buying them alcohol... i didnt want to cross those lines, since these ARE real high school students in the movie ). she relieved me that it was indeed ok for me to watch but not to learn any of the dance sequences (too late).

i then told her i had already rationalized that it was ok for me to have a crush on zac effron... she confirmed it. 

unfortunately, my bed time is 10 and the movie didnt get over until 11 so i have no idea what happened at the prom!! what about gabriella? and sharpei????
so many questions!

another good thing about the disney channel... 
the commercials.

they are so informative. i had no idea demi lavato was so passionate about dance!
im definitely team demi. 
she's so more real than selena gomez.
by the way, selena and nick broke up.
theyre trying to focus on their careers.


weekend scenes

greg scoping out his next rock.
this weekend, greg and i went to the rock climbing gym!
it was really fun/neat.
it really gives you a workout... especially your hands and fingers.

look at me being hardcore!
just a tad bit scary if you are afraid of heights.

we ate at a new place (to us) in english village.
we sat outside and got a really yummy pizza.

then we finished the night with some coffee and dessert :)

easter sunday it was beautiful out.
we ate lunch at my great aunts.
it was really nice.
funniest part of the meal was when my grandmother and her 3 sisters and 1 sister in law were trying to figure out a date to get together to go through old pictures. my great aunt leaned over to me and said, "see what happens when you get old... you have to coordinate doctor appointments."
then we came back and walked the dogs.

hope the easter bunny was good to you!
i quit the easter bunny years ago when i thought he was hiding behind my bedroom door.
true story.


weekend scenes

last weekend...

we went to atlanta for wade's bachelorette "party"

there's the bride!

these are the only pictures that wouldnt (totally) embarrass someone. ha!


weekend scenes

from two weekends ago...

we took these cuties to the alabama gymnastics meet. they did an exhibition before the meet began and it was super cute. they also got to see the alabama gymnasts and their coach came and spoke to them.
alabama gymnasts = rockstars to these kids

greg came and we went to see alice in wonderland! finally!
it was really fun in 3D. the mad hatter's eyes kept freaking me out!

then greg and i made our restaurant quality meal.
i was clearly excited about it.
ps. that is not my good side.


happy friday



pretty little things

 can i tell you how much i have been loving paper lanterns lately?
well, i have been loving them a lot!
wouldnt this be the funnest party atmosphere?
(i will continue to ask and answer my own questions)
what colors would you want to see them?
i would love for them to be a monotone or limited palette (maybe greens or blues) but im loving all different colors together as well. so much fun.
i also love different sizes together or grouped in one big cluster.
they are pretty swell, if you ask me. or i ask myself: are they swell?

and they are pretty inexpensive, too.