bronzed beauty... thats me.

im getting a spray tan today. the first one ive ever had. im scared. ive been advised not to get it on my face. but you see, i have to wear a champagne colored dress for ashley's wedding... and well im the same color.

cupcakes i made for greg-man's birfday. strawberry. yum.

alright, im going on a little tropical vacay. see you in about an hour.


heidi and seal live on my porch

the other day, i discovered that two little birds had started building a nest in my hanging plant. i decided i would let it ride and it would be come a biology/art/photography project for me. i named them heidi and seal after my favorite couple, heidi klum and seal. and what do you know, heidi and seal are having another baby!

discovery of the nest

4 little babies!



i bought an extension hook to lower my plant about a foot so that i could see it better (though i still have to stand on my chair to sort of see it). anyway, im afraid i may have freaked heidi out. the above picture is of her when she came back after i lowered the plant. she jumped all around the plant and hung on the edge, chirping every now and then she would fly and sit on my light and fly off. i left the apartment for a couple of hours and i saw her when i came back sitting on the ledge (still looking around) then she flew off. im afraid to go outside and see if shes in the nest. ill check in the morning. but i promise i didnt touch anything!

tweet, tweet.


its just me but...

i dont get why the oxymoron "little big [whatever]" gets used all the time. usually in a rural context. the little big store... the little big town... the little big annoyance. also, enough with using k's for c's for no apparent reason. "kathy's kountry korner" blah!!!

why are k's better than c's??? and what does "little big" mean anyway?

yes, this is what im concerned with... not the economy.


i have dreams

i had a dream that sunny had to have brain surgery. my dad performed it of course. but in my dreams, sunny is really animated. kind of like the dog on bush's baked beans commercials. like most brain surgeries, sunny was awake for the operation. daddy had to operate on her occipital lobe (even though in the dream he was operating where the occipital lobe is not located). one of sunny's eyes saw in slow motion or how daddy put it "one eye is 30 to 40 yards faster than the other." whatever that means. but no worries, sunny is fine (its all relative).

remind me not to watch house before i go to bed.


m is for mollie b is for booyah

a is for anything: goes because this is my blog!
b is for baked good: cupcakes
c is for career: art teacher, event planner, interior designer, zoo keeper
d is for day of the week: thursday
e is for essentials: mascara and my computer
f is for favorite food: sushi
g is for good: the beach
h is for 'hood: mountain brook
i is for instrument: guitar and piano
j is for jail tv show: locked up raw
k is for kicking butt: me, everyday.
l is for last meal: zoe's chicken salad plate.. yum.. full
m is for mo' money
n is for names: sloan, ruby, teal, milly, lola
o is for the other day: starbucks coffee was on sale
p is for peeps: my friends and marshmallows
q is for quote: "im a black man and im crazy about chicken"
r is for ridiculous: miley cyrus
s is for silly: sunny is afraid of bees
t is for totes ma gotes
u is for under the boardwalk
w is for wish: being asked to be on dancing with the stars
x is for nothing
y is for yearn: to be done with school
z is for zodiac: aquarius


2 things

that make me feel old:

1. when i have to say the phrase "when i was in college...."

2. i want to be good at crossword puzzles.

now let me get back to 42 across...



obsession: 1001 rules for my unborn son

many are so true and should apply to all. i particularly love rule #360, #22, #115, & #132. there are more that i love but i didnt write them down. youll have to read them for yourself.

what rules would you add?


two things

1. is this not the silliest thing you have ever seen? look at the other two here.

2. i love to hate this blog. or is it i hate to love this blog? both will do. really though. go take a peek and let me know what you think. i dont think these people are real. but i want to be them. and i hate to say it. ugh. somebody is living my life. (although, im perfectly fine being a presbyterian than a mormon)


the sound of silence

so i have had laryngitis for two days straight now. i cannot even make a sound. i feel handicapped. try teaching gymnastics without being able to talk (or yell). thank goodness i can text and email because no one can hear me on the phone.

yesterday, everyone kept asking me why i was whispering. then they would all whisper back to me when i talked. my class of 6 and 7 year olds mocked me the whole time. but (and let me preface this by saying that some children i teach are really loving, like to give me hugs, say hey to me whenever they see me, etc... and some are just wild and dont pay much attention to anyone).. so anyway, one little girl is in the wild category goes, (we were on beam and i was helping another little girl) "miss mollie" (i turn around to look at her) "i hope you get your voice back" (while she gives me this sincere concerned face). yeah... its that bad. even the wild children feel sorry for me.

and i have to teach a 4h grade art class on friday. yay!

can you hear me now?


i hate when my bread doesnt toast evenly

we finally accumulated enough plates to deem it appropriate that we hang them. tah-dah! there is still room for more (of course). ps. im going to let you in on a little secret: those flowers on the table only cost $3 at publix. and they last a long time.

haiku monday:

april is freezing
yellow powder makes me sneeze
will my plants survive

thank you and goodnight


is it just me?

or is there something disturbing about this?