merry depressing time of year

i hope all had a very merry christmas!

though, the time right after christmas, makes me very depressed. i hate the day after christmas. as any year, i was in a funk. for some reason, it seemed worse this year. maybe it was because we didnt have kellie and jr (tear) or i didnt have the two weeks off before to anticipate (its all about the anticipation anyway) like i have had the past 5 years. or maybe because i was tired of christmas music since i heard it for over a month for hours on end at pbk. OR just maybe because it wasnt even cold outside; it was HOT!

i still had a very merry christmas. i love christmastime and everything that goes with it (preferably cooler weather). so maybe next year i wont be depressed.

i got a new camera for christmas and accidentally erased all the pictures from christmas day.


attention shoppers:

i made all A's.

i is smart.


im just saying...

i hate when people take photos at an angle to make it "artsy." i also hate when people take photos with a shallow depth of field (when just the very front object is in focus and the rest is a blur). it doesnt make you a good photographer.

im just saying...


ehhhh, no thanks.

why do people ask the question "hey, wanna hear/see something gross?" do you ever WANT to hear/see something gross? is there really an appropriate answer? maybe middle school boys actually WANT to hear/see something gross, but ive never been a middle school boy. it's kind of like "hey, smell this.." again, do you WANT to smell whatever "this" is? i dont. maybe its just me.

kellie, i was inspired by the story of jr and his conjoined twin... yeah "something" gross.