painting with crayons

the other night, greg and i went to see the panel discussion of uab's 2009 visiting artist, john bankston. these are the things that i learned:

1. queer (as in queer theory) is the academic word for homosexual/gay
2. there are freaky people in san francisco
3. the guy sitting in front of me likes to say "queer" and "golden shower" ... a lot

things i wanted to know:

1. why didnt he just use crayons instead of painting like how a crayon colors?
2. was his inspiration from the show zoobilee zoo? particularly, mayor ben (he's the cheetah)?
3. why is the guy in front of me fixated on the "golden shower?" because i dont think he's a leprechaun.

some questions remain unanswered. yay for academics.

ps. if you dont know what a "golden shower" is in "queer" culture, then you dont want to know.


every small town has one

a couple of weeks ago i discovered a gem; a gem on hbo called "eastbound & down." greg and i started watching it not knowing what it was. we ended up watching three episodes in a row. it is by far the funniest show on tv.

it is about this small town hero (kenny powers) that goes on to play baseball for the atlanta braves and ends up having to go to rehab and now is back in his hometown in north carolina teaching at his old high school. will farrel is a producer and has a minor character on the show. so you know its hilarious.

this show is most appropriate for us small towners (defuniak, adel, cheraw, patrick, etc...) but the humor is universal. please enjoy here & here. there are more videos on youtube but it is hbo so they may not be work appropriate.

dont be lazy, dont be crazy watch eastbound & down


as you know...

im obsessed with martha stewart. and making stuff. and currently spring/flowers.

are these not the cutest cupcakes?

they are also in my current favorite color. le sigh.

and these are flowers from my apartment.

currently: enjoying spring and suffering from allergies


those crazy artists...

from time to time, greg and i like to get random documentaries. we have watched documentaries on obscure song writers, art, religion, and the beatles. so, the other day, we watched one titled keep the river on your right: a modern cannibal tale. basically it was about this artist, tobias scheenbaum , who wandered off in peru and got caught up with some head hunting tribe. he lived with them for seven months and ate a piece of "human flesh" one time. i dont think it ever told how he got away, but he did some how. he then became interested in anthropology and went and lived with another tribe, the asmat, in indonesia. there he lived for a period of time and participated in all aspects of life.... including their homosexual tendencies. apparently in this tribe, every man has male "lovers." and tobias did too. after he left the tribe, he worked on a cruise ship giving lectures on the asmat tribe. in the documentary he goes back to the tribe and wears some pretty sweet cut off jean shorts.

anyway, never overlook the documentary section at the video store.. you never know what you will find: homosexual tribes in indoneisa?


spring break was a bust

this week was my "spring break." i did all sorts of fun things like going to the dentist, homework, and working everyday! yes, everyday! boy, did i have some fun!

in between all the fun, i found somethings that i want to pursue. first, i want this bed/room/natural light:

it makes me want to be at the beach and stay in bed all day all at once. this is the perfect bed for me.

second, i want plants. a lot of plants. im glad its spring and things are going to be green again. so, to help speed this process, im going to plant some succulents. apparently they are easy to take care of and i think they look pretty neat too.

and finally, i want to see this movie. its the new garden state/elizabethtown. i love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel who are the main characters.

spring break is for boring people.


let us down easy...

my birthday present from greg was tickets to see ryan adams at the alabama theater. so those tickets were redeemed this weekend. we were both excited as greg loves ryan adams too (or maybe even more than me?). i went shopping for like 3 hours to find a new something to wear... and all i came back with was a tshirt.... and a headband. so i wore the headband.

the show was great! he was trying to be a little more rockin' for this show. we loved the songs he couldnt exactly make into rock songs. we really wanted to hear "let us down easy" from his newest album... but he let us down easy.

it was magick.


i want..

to take photographs like this:

you can look at more pretty images here.

i wish i could stay home and just make stuff and take pictures. im going to figure out how to do that.

ready for spring


snowday funday sunday

it was 70 degrees the day before it looked like this. why couldnt we have had this at christmas when its supposed to be cold and snowy. instead we get it the first day of march??? well, it was fun anyway! this is the second time ive seen falling snow and it snowed from the time i got up this morning (8am) until about 3:30pm. crazy!

sunny really loved the snow. i was afraid she wouldnt but she was so excited about it. she liked to eat it and play in it. she liked for me to throw it on her. she was so excited she would bark for me to throw it on her some more.

it was snowing so hard a few times. this picture is evidence. im still in disbelief that we were in auburn, alabama of all places. i thought maybe we were in colorado or something. but not this much snow in alabama! greg and i also made snow ice cream (martha stewart inspired, of course). it was fun. the snow was so thick on the deck we poured milk, sugar, and vanila on it and mixed it up. ha. snow is so neat.

i love snow, though i am glad i only live in it for a day at a time.