apple of my sty

i have a sty... it hurts like hell. i also look like a domestic abuse victim... and i know people are staring at it when i go places... i was worried it was going to be staff so i went to the eye doctor... waited for about an hour and a half for him to tell me there is nothing he can do... that it will go away on its own and to continue putting a hot compress on it and if it doesnt go away in two weeks ill be sentenced to an eye patch for the rest of my life... so im taking donations so that i can buy the eye patch of my one-eyed dreams... leather with rhinestones... when i asked the doc if there were any ways to prevent this situation he replied "so youre telling me you dont want this to happen again?".... ummmmmmm YEAH! he also said no, some people just get them.... doomed.

sty it aint so...


Kellie said...

Oh Mollie....that is so sad. But, I will have to say that you still make me laugh....actually, your humor is escalated when you are enduring difficult times.

Oh, and I really do think that you would make a cool pirate!!!

liz said...

hahaha!! mollie, that picture... you are too funny! poor thing, i know that has to hurt. :(

if you are put in a patch, i'll get my mom to cross-stitch you a patch cover with your initials. you'll be cute... don't worry.