my question is....

what is the deal with skulls? why have they become a trend? like why do people think skull jewelry and skull accessories are "cool?" i sold an orange skull mousepad at pottery barn today... what the heck? skulls are morbid... yes, i know in certain cultures, like in mexico, they have skull stuff for celebrations... for day of the dead... but if youre living in mountain brook... youre not mexican!... i just dont get it... i just saw a wedding cake on tv with a skull theme... really??? i just dont think i can rock the skull.

have i lost my head?

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K-Lo said...

Ha ha ha! We are skull fans around here. We got in the kick because grave digger has skulls on the side of his truck! So Jake is like way into skullage. And to make me laugh even harder we are doing some educational, cultural, day of the dead stuff this month!