i <3 fall

usually when i think of 280 (the main road that runs through bham) i cringe. the traffic is awful, people drive crazy, red lights, etc... but the past few days, i love 280. why? its beautiful! it is rolling hills and trees on both sides. you can see up the "mountain" covered with trees. what brought this to my attention is since the weather is getting cooler, that means the changing of the leaves. living in florida (an everGREEN state) all my life, i never really witnessed the leaves turning colors. even in auburn, it wasnt this pronounced as it is here in birmingham. its so neat! i love it! my favorite is the bright/deep red and when you can see the change happening on a particular tree. im going to take a picture today or tomorrow of this road right off 280 near an office building with the most vibrant red leaves ever.

its the time of the season....

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Kellie said...

I love the Fall colors too. So pretty...the bright orange is my fav. That has been the only positive thing about my 90 mile drive to NC..enjoying the leaves change.