le busy

so ive been busy and slacking on the posting... but this is whats up...

i taught a little lesson to my second graders that i go see on tuesdays and thursdays. i usually just visit and sit in the back but i got to be the "teacher" for a moment. they had been reading james and the giant peach so i decided to do a little comprehension activity. i called it "james and the giant peach a to z." they had to name a charcter, object, word, or something important from the book for every letter of the alphabet. they really loved it and i think it was a successful activity. my teacher said it was "really fun" and she was impressed by how much the kids remembered from the story. i even whipped out my "teacher voice." you know what im talking about.

ive got to do another "lesson" on thursday... might be interesting.

whenever i get pictures on my computer.. ill post them of the jack-o-lanterns greg and i carved and the pies we made from them. also, the dogs in costumes.

war eagle..

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liz said...

get it, teach! that sounds like a fun activity. i'm proud of your kids - from what i've heard, finishing that game was an accomplishment!

p.s. i'm back in the blogging world. i've come up with a system that will (hopefully) help me out!