substitute "teacher"

this is a drawing one of my second graders drew for me. she first drew all these different hairstyles and made me choose which one i wanted (i chose the long and curly 'do). then she drew me with my new hair. her name is arriyon and she is so funny. she's really into hair and nails. she told me that she is getting a "spa" for christmas. "it has a little tub for you to soak your nails in." so cute.

so i was the substitute teacher today for 2.5 hours for my second grade class. i had a total of 3 children cry and multiple meltdowns but they all gave me a hug when i left. i consider it a success. lesson learned though: i do not want to be a second grade teacher.

interesting point: there are multiple children that cannot read or read very well and then there are students in the same class that are on a 4th grade level. i feel so bad for the students that cannot read because a lot of them arent getting the help or attention they need. being a teacher is hard! thats why im going to teach art... everyone can color!

my name is miss mollie. i am friendly.

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Kellie said...

Ms. Mollie...you look like an angel in that picture.