ehhhh, no thanks.

why do people ask the question "hey, wanna hear/see something gross?" do you ever WANT to hear/see something gross? is there really an appropriate answer? maybe middle school boys actually WANT to hear/see something gross, but ive never been a middle school boy. it's kind of like "hey, smell this.." again, do you WANT to smell whatever "this" is? i dont. maybe its just me.

kellie, i was inspired by the story of jr and his conjoined twin... yeah "something" gross.



Libbi said...

HA HA HA. Caleb (nate's brother) did that when we were playing a game at Thanksgiving. It was the Cranium play dough, he was just holding it, waiting on his turn, and sniffed it, said, "eww this stinks, wanna smell it?" as he shoves it Rachel's face. She said, "no thanks". ha ha ha

Kellie said...

After JR laughed really hard, he asked me why in the world did I tell that story...haha