snowday funday sunday

it was 70 degrees the day before it looked like this. why couldnt we have had this at christmas when its supposed to be cold and snowy. instead we get it the first day of march??? well, it was fun anyway! this is the second time ive seen falling snow and it snowed from the time i got up this morning (8am) until about 3:30pm. crazy!

sunny really loved the snow. i was afraid she wouldnt but she was so excited about it. she liked to eat it and play in it. she liked for me to throw it on her. she was so excited she would bark for me to throw it on her some more.

it was snowing so hard a few times. this picture is evidence. im still in disbelief that we were in auburn, alabama of all places. i thought maybe we were in colorado or something. but not this much snow in alabama! greg and i also made snow ice cream (martha stewart inspired, of course). it was fun. the snow was so thick on the deck we poured milk, sugar, and vanila on it and mixed it up. ha. snow is so neat.

i love snow, though i am glad i only live in it for a day at a time.


Ashley and Jeff said...

those are some sweet snow pics!

Kellie said...

okay, so I have been sick and haven't had a chance to get on the computer for a few days and I had no idea that you guys got so much snow. Also, thanks for all of my birthday wishes, because I just saw them today.