m is for mollie b is for booyah

a is for anything: goes because this is my blog!
b is for baked good: cupcakes
c is for career: art teacher, event planner, interior designer, zoo keeper
d is for day of the week: thursday
e is for essentials: mascara and my computer
f is for favorite food: sushi
g is for good: the beach
h is for 'hood: mountain brook
i is for instrument: guitar and piano
j is for jail tv show: locked up raw
k is for kicking butt: me, everyday.
l is for last meal: zoe's chicken salad plate.. yum.. full
m is for mo' money
n is for names: sloan, ruby, teal, milly, lola
o is for the other day: starbucks coffee was on sale
p is for peeps: my friends and marshmallows
q is for quote: "im a black man and im crazy about chicken"
r is for ridiculous: miley cyrus
s is for silly: sunny is afraid of bees
t is for totes ma gotes
u is for under the boardwalk
w is for wish: being asked to be on dancing with the stars
x is for nothing
y is for yearn: to be done with school
z is for zodiac: aquarius


liz said...

haha... i could see you as a zoo keeper with your safari hat on!

where did "i am a black man and i'm crazy about chicken" come from?

I think I'm going to do one of these too...

:: mollie :: said...

do it!

the quote was from one of the panelist on chelsea lately