the sound of silence

so i have had laryngitis for two days straight now. i cannot even make a sound. i feel handicapped. try teaching gymnastics without being able to talk (or yell). thank goodness i can text and email because no one can hear me on the phone.

yesterday, everyone kept asking me why i was whispering. then they would all whisper back to me when i talked. my class of 6 and 7 year olds mocked me the whole time. but (and let me preface this by saying that some children i teach are really loving, like to give me hugs, say hey to me whenever they see me, etc... and some are just wild and dont pay much attention to anyone).. so anyway, one little girl is in the wild category goes, (we were on beam and i was helping another little girl) "miss mollie" (i turn around to look at her) "i hope you get your voice back" (while she gives me this sincere concerned face). yeah... its that bad. even the wild children feel sorry for me.

and i have to teach a 4h grade art class on friday. yay!

can you hear me now?

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