texts from last night

texts from last night is a website for people to submit those random/crazy/whatever texts that they sent or received. its pretty funny and addicting. here are a few of my favorites: (ps. the numbers in front of the texts is the area code from which they came)

if i were on drugs, this would be me:
(419): just went to get groceries. a cashier said she saw me last night. i guess i carried a broom back from the party and swept the street the whole walk back...and i claimed to be in the cast of wicked

for liz:
(413): I have a feeling we are going to become cougars together.

someone from defuniak sent this:
(850): Are they still out there making out on the couch? How can we get them to leave?
(850): I 'm gonna go stand naked in the kitchen with a knife

for kati, collier, wade, beth, and ashley:
(248): we went to a bar last night, drank beer in plastic cups. I took pics w/a random kid i pulled into a photobooth & i have easy mac in my purse. I belong here.

haha, i can only imagine:
(978): Come home. Im drunk and cutting my own hair. This is bad, i need you.

side note:
i have this crazy little girl in one of my classes at gymnastics. she is so bad but so funny. and she has a really country accent too. yesterday, when we were doing the butterfly stretch, they always talk about where they want to "fly." the other little girls said the beach, disney world, grandparent's houses, etc. when it came to mallory, she said,
"the toilet."

later i was asking the girls what they wanted to be when they grew up. first girl said teacher, next said a mom, then the next said a dentist. mallory answered last and said "a mermaid."

i too want to be a mermaid when i grow up.

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elw said...

i've read your whole post now! i've gotten the cougar comment dedicated to me a couple of times now; is that a bad thing??

poor mallory - she needed to go to the bathroom!!