the graduate and some din din

saturday night greg and i decided we wanted to cook dinner. and it was delicious. the menu was a tex-mex theme. we had a chili and lime marinated flatiron steak (which we cooked on my new grill), safron yellow rice, fiesta corn, and a fruit salad. the fiesta corn was sooooo gooooooooodddd. i had never made it before but we combined a few different recipes and it was perfect. also, the marinade was perfect. the fruit salad was.... interesting. the recipe called for jicama. our nickname for jicama: yickama. not fans. but everything we made was from scratch and fresh ingredients. felt good.

then monday was the big day for our little geg. traffic was crazy in auburn. greg had to get out of the car and walk to the coliseum because we had been half a mile in 30 minutes. i had to park in a non-parking space and walk. mind you i have not worn heels in a while so my foot was swollen and sore the next day from all the walking. not to mention it was 98 degrees outside. but overall it was good and im really proud of my master communicator. ps. he needs a job.

does anyone really like jicama?

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