baby boom boom

aunt mojo and boom boom

greg and i made the 7 hour journey to south carolina on friday to see my very own nephew! before friday, i dont think ive ever held a baby that small... even my friends that have had kids, i dont think i held their youngins until they were at least a month old. supposedly he was a "big" baby but he is still so tiny!

right now, he's not that interactive. at first i was like... ok when is he going to "do" something. but for now, he's just being sweet. thats what he does! and he's good at it too.

the whole time we were there, i kept wanting to call him a puppy. like for instance "youre just a sweet little puppy." he's a baby, not a puppy. but my "baby" is a puppy. quite confusing.

jr has dubbed him the nickname of boom boom. i dont think jr, greg, nor i called him coy all weekend. it was always "boom boom."

it made me sad though when i was leaving because the next time i see boom boom he's going to be bigger and much different. but im ready for him to be running around and excitable. its going to be so much fun!

bye bye, baby boom boom!


Memories by Micha said...

Congrats Mollie he is just adorable! Being an aunt is the most amazing thing because you can always give them back when they cry :)

Anonymous said...

I guess they announced coy's birth at church this week because I got several comments about how weird that there was another kelly with another baby named coy.