i have a sassy little three year old named caroline in one of my classes. she's very cute and little. she has red hair that curls on the end. but every class time i end up chasing her around the gym and her yelling "no!" or "i cant!" despite that, she really is a cute kid. so for the story...

we had already started warming up for class when caroline and her sister come out of the bathroom door that faces the floor. instead of joining the rest of the children, caroline is wandering around like she's looking for something. she starts walking toward the "office" area of the gym where the children do not go or frequent. so i go running after caroline as usual. i ask her where she is going and her response, "i need to look in the mirror." ok, so i take her to the little mirror we have propped up against the wall by the stereo. she stands in front examining her hair. she looks to the left and to the right. and then to herself she says, "beautiful." (ha!) now satisfied, she joins her class for gymnastics.

i can only imagine how she is at home. she is a firecracker.


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