please and thank you

today i am thankful for nice people.

it is so much easier to be nice and smile than it is to be a jerk. but then some people are just jerks by nature. but the nice by nature i am thankful. i had a lot of "nice" interactions today. i went to the bank and got a savings account (surprise mom and dad!) and all the ladies up there were just so nice and genuine. it made me feel good. i went to lunch with kyla and whitney and everyone was again nice. just courteous strangers going about their day. then i went to grab a bite to eat at this fast food sushi restaurant (maki fresh) with kyla after work. sitting in a small space already at a small table in a small restaurant... some lady has the nerve to tell me to sit closer to my table so she can fit her butt into the chair behind me. *newsflash* the tables arent bolted to the floor! then she proceeded to lean against my chair and wiggle around until kyla and i got up. i dont think i would ask someone sitting, eating, and talking to scoot up to their table unless it was the absolute last resort. its not like i take up that much room anyway!

ok, im thankful for nice people. be nice everyone!

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Kellie said...

haha...some people can't see outside of themselves...that is for sure! you and i are nice and hate conflict...i am so thankful that we had normal smart parents!