three days of thanks

wow... i am exhausted as i write this.  but i do this for the people.

friday: i wasnt feeling very thankful as i had drama at work. but this is what i have come up with... i am thankful that i appreciate honesty and can admit when i have done wrong. constructive criticism is welcomed but passing the blame is not.

saturday: i am thankful for coffee but really i am thankful for people who arent afraid to express appreciation. it isnt my motivation, but it makes me happy.

sunday: i am thankful for good rest... i cant wait to sleep in in the morning. it will be so glorious!

this was my weekend schedule:
saturday: 8-10 private lessons, lunch, 12:45-3:45 cartwheel/backhandspring clinics, efforts to take a nap, late dinner with kyla and whitney, bed.

sunday: woke up at 7, drove to montgomery, gymnastics meet, back in bham at 4:30, private lessons from 5-8, mindless activities, bed.

nighty night

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