happy "o-ten"

merry 2010, friends!

let me relay to you my fabulous nye:
i had plans to eat spaghetti and cuddle on the couch with sunny. this is what actually happened: i had a pound of frozen beef i was going to make a meat sauce with. usually i only use half a pound but for laziness sake i used the whole pound. needless to say my sauce just tasted like beef. then for my cuddle time with sunny... she wouldnt even sit with me on the couch for some reason. and i was in bed by 11:30. yay!

new years day:
watched the ever so dramatic auburn game. they won and lost a total of 3 times each. but in the end they won. wheew. lindsey and i made black eyed pea salad (for luck), pork chops, and asparagus (substitution for greens for money). kyla came over and we sort of watched monster in law.

anyway, greg gave me the gift of a calendar for christmas. but its right up my alley, trivial facts! so, diligent reader, you may also reap the benefits of said gift.

jan 1
approximately how many bubbles are there in the average bottle of bubbly, according to champagne maker moet & chandon?

answer: 250 million!

jan 2
what part of the anatomy has more sweat glands than any other?

answer: the sole of the foot with 3,000 per square inch!

ps. today is my dog, hula's birthday. she is 8!
hula, ruby, and sunny
christmas 2008

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