resolutions revisited

sunny was exhausted after her birthday fetch session

last year, i resolved to:
1. learn how to sew
2. become a morning person
3. be proactive

well, i still have no clue how to sew and i slept until 10 this morning. but i would say i have been pretty proactive this past year.
and i had to get up pretty early, pretty frequently too.

i dont know if im meant to be a morning person but i start student teaching next week. so ill be getting up early more frequently than not. and there's always hope for the sewing yet. it was just something fun i would like to do. its still on the list.

for 2010:
1. take more photographs-- i want more of my life documented and maybe become a better photographer along the way.
2. go to church/bible study more often-- seeing as i dont think i went to church one day in 2009.
3. enjoy the things i enjoy when i have the time to do so-- when i have time to relax and enjoy things i feel paralyzed from whatever i am recovering from.

what's your new new year resolutions?

and for today's trivia.....
in the world of whales and dolphins, what is spyhopping?

rising vertically out of the water to check the surroundings.

its a good tired

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Witness The Fitness said...

You are definiely a morning person!