t.m.i. tuesday


how i met cap'n greg...
greg lived next door to me in auburn. i was in apartment 6, he in apartment 5. i lived in this apartment for a year and a half before greg moved in with my loud, sometimes obnoxious, but friendly neighbor. i didnt even know greg lived in apartment 5 for a few months despite the fact that we shared a wall and both front and back porches. 

our first encounter was on the back deck when i was taking sunny out to potty. greg was sitting in a chair reading a book without a shirt on. we did the introductions and i thought he was mocking my southern accent. turns out... thats how he really talks.

for another year, we did the usual "hellos" and a story about how his grandmother thinks she personally knows scott peterson (because she watches the news so much; she refers to him by scott) followed by a few silly facebook messages.

then late one night, about 2 years ago, i walked past his window while taking sunny out and witnessed a horrifying sight. greg was drinking milk FROM THE CARTON. (if you didnt know, im super weird about milk... that could be a post in itself) so, i took it upon myself to open the back door (letting sunny run inside) and yell at him about drinking milk from the carton. we then watched a bootleg smiths concert on dvd while i made some ridiculous comments about expensive purses and "livin' it like it is."

the next day, he texted me to come over for breakfast (at noon, which i had already eaten breakfast) and we ate eggs and french toast (wheat bread) and drank coffee. 

our first official date wasnt until over a month later when we went to the hank williams museum in montgomery followed by dinner at carrabas and a walk into the tuskegee forest.

greg probably has a different version of the story... but this is the official one. 


Elizabeth said...

I love this fairy tale as well as the idea of tmi Tuesday!

Witness The Fitness said...

What Elizabeth said.

Kellie said...

I love the greggers!

mollie said...

he is a lovable guy!