t.m.i. tuesday

here's the story on "notes from the liquor cabinet":
 some of you may already know

two summers ago, eager and bright eyed, i took an internship at the birmingham museum of art starting right after my graduation from auburn. i had imagined it to be this grand super awesome experience and that i was going to learn so much about museums and being a REAL graphic designer. to my disappointment,
it fell somewhat short of that.

i was set up with a computer in a closet without windows with my back to the door (and mostly without human interaction). but...
this was no ordinary closet. this was a special closet.

this closet was so special, it housed all the liquor and booze for the museum's monthly cocktail party, art on the rocks.

being left with my thoughts and internet access, thus, my blog was born for your
(and mostly my) enjoyment.
disclaimer: the internship wasnt completely miserable. i enjoyed being at the museum, got to come in at like 10 every morning, hour lunches, and left by about 4 every day.

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