t.m.i. tuesday

if you would, indulge yourself in some of the things i've been cooking...

been burrito with homemade guac

steak prepared and cooked on the cast iron by greg with a delish rub with wilted spinach and homemade mashed potatoes

sauteed chicken with a lime, avocado, red onion salsa with a side of saffron rice and black beans

the beginning of french onion soup that i never recaptured

lemon buttery goodness chicken with red potatoes and asparagus

homemade chunky tomato soup with a grilled cheese

sauteed chicken wrapped in prosciutto with a sage sauce

for some reason i just started taking pictures of my meals... because they look and taste so good! i need to work on my food photography skills :)

1 comment:

Kellie said...

I am inspired to buy a new cookbook and cook something yummy.

When I saw the beginnings of French Onion Soup...I thought "french onion soup...or onion soup...ha"