weekend scenes

wade and robert's wedding weekend!
my friend wade got married this weekend at her parent's home and marina on west point lake.

beth, britt, & collier

i got to spend time with some of my favorite people.
the rehearsal dinner was at some billionaire's lake house.
we ate really good shrimp and grits and i amazed the crowd with my speed drawing of random animals.

wade getting her make up done by colls

the day of the wedding, wade, collier, kati, and myself went into the lovely town of lannett to get our nails done at ten perfect nails. lannett is a very small town... think defuniak minus a couple thousand. the nail place had no air conditioning. a little girl asked me to paint her nails. i just wanted one nail painted and they jacked it up and blamed it on the weather.

wade wore the flower collier wore at her wedding almost a year ago. we are thinking about making it a sisterhood of the traveling pants thing. it will probably be dead by the time i get it (yes, its fake).

greg is a messy eater and i need my hair done

greg drove up to accompany me to the wedding. he was such a trooper. he had to go to gainesville, fl the day before for his brother's graduation. he's the best!

robert and wade are on their honeymoon in st. john!

wade is catholic, so they had a priest at the ceremony. greg and i laughed through the whole thing because the priest sounded like his old stoner roommate/will ferrell as robert goulet. so, i thought my odds were good at the bouquet toss considering everyone there was married or engaged except for me, beth, britt, kimmie, and the 8 year old flower girl. guess who caught the bouquet????

the 8 year old flower girl.
there's always next week.

the soon to be will and kati kent

 next month, i will be in their wedding!
all my friends are married!!!!

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