weekend scenes

kyla, christanka, helen, moi

this weekend, i went to a recipe and bbq shower for my friend helen.
it was at her grandparents house here in bham. her g-rents house was crazy! it didnt look that big from the outside, but it kept growing as you walked through it. it was like a museum. there were cabinets EVERYWHERE housing dolls, figurines, and knick knacks. they also had two old juke boxes and a piano that had other instruments connected to it. besides all that stuff, there were three pinball machines. and one i have plans to steal:

it was a dolly pinball machine!!!
yes, i played it. and it was awesome. it would "mess up" and just keep giving you points. i like to think we had a connection.

on sunday morning i drove home for mother's day.

we had a photo shoot.

i wore my uber dressy white tshirt.

uncle nick, moi, daddy, mama helen, cousin delaney

later, we picked two strawberries.

and played with the dogs.

then i had to drive back today! but i had a navigation system to help me make it back thanks to my sweet parents! i'll never be lost again!

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