weekend scenes

i really didnt take any pictures this weekend. this is the only one taken on my phone while at barnes and noble. 

it pains me to pick out a new book. im interested in a lot of things (yesterday, every freakonomics-like book was catching my eye). i read the synopsis, ponder it, imagine myself reading the book and what i would gain, then i hold it for a few minutes and think i wont like it. thus the process starts over. 

i ended up going to the classics and picked sons and lovers. i got up to the counter with the tipping point too and decided at the last moment to put it down. im bad at making purchase decisions.

but i did make some delicious brownies.
this basic recipe with this caramel sauce mixed between layers and topped with sea salt. i also substituted unsweetened chocolate with 10 oz of semi sweet and 1 3/4 cup of sugar. they are divine.

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