weekend scenes :: bachelorette squad

another bachelorette weekend...

bethy and colls relaxing on friday

this time in panama city beach for kati;

"green eyed girl" a la billy
there was a lot of stage time.

linda gets the only country song she knows serenaded on stage
and special song dedication. 

me and bethy
then, there was the lingerie shower and night;

the whole gang minus colls :(
kati got a lot of good stuff!

kati and her booty
mollie and friends take panama city beach.

amanda, me, brett, bethy, jami, kati, and wade
my jeromey, brother from a another mother.
 ^^ and look who came to party! ^^

another fun weekend with all of my friends.
too bad there has to be a wedding for us to get together so often.
beth and i are going to have to marry each other so we can hang out again!

we were supposed to go to orange beach but because of the tragic oil spill, quick change of plans, and we went to pcb. lucky for us, the weather was pretty cooperative and we got some good sun time. i managed not to get burned (which is a miracle and took a lot of dedication). we went to all of kati's favorite pcb spots (minus club la vela, sorry brett!). beth, our real single lady, got the singer's (billy) number as well as another guy that went to auburn. the rest of us got hit on by 18 year olds pretending to be 21 year olds and by canadians that made fun of me for saying "y'all." 

it was also a kind of high school reunion for me. the bartender was actually one of my good friends in high school (hello, free drinks). then i talked to an ex-fiance of a girl i thought was married, followed by a guy i havent seen in 8 years since american history in 11th grade, and then i saw another person acting a fool.... who i also went to high school with. only in pcb.

on the last night, jeromey met us for dinner and surprised kati and all of us by paying for our meal! his mamas raised him right :) and then of course he was rewarded with free drinks and our company.

note to self: im not 21 anymore.

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