let me tell you about my drive to work

I have a 45 minute drive to work that I love.
Yes, I hate having to get up at 5am but I need that time before work, to put in the simplest form, to wake up. 

On my drive to work, a few things happen...

I leave my apartment at approximately 6:30am (sometimes earlier, sometimes later). At about 6:35am, my dad calls me. I'm usually merging on to 280 at this time into the rush of morning traffic. After a short chat, I either start drinking my coffee or I have a touch of road rage... usually caused by people not using their blinkers, slamming on breaks, or just driving like insane people. Nothing major.

After I make it through malfunction junction, I am speeding up I-65 to the Mt. Olive Road exit. Depending on the time I leave, I could possibly get behind one bus that picks up three girls and then has another stop for a little girl that waits with her mom and dog at the next stop sign. The bus turns off shortly.

From there to my school, I have the chance to get behind one more bus that picks up students from a run down grocery store that the parents drive to and wait for the bus.... why don't they just drive the extra 3 miles to the school? That confuses me. But the bus turns left and I keep going to school.

The whole time I'm on Mt. Olive Road (10 miles), I pass 9 churches, cows, horses, miniature ponies, goats, and many stray dogs.

My favorite part is reading the church signs... one of my favorites has been "Gophers are the devil's postman." I have no idea what that means. 

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