life update

ive started grad school... i've got a job... not a real job... hold your gasps... i got a part time job at pottery barn kids.. which means i get a 40% discount at potterybarn and a discount (not sure how much) at williams sonoma. how awesome.... if i ever get an apartment again, it will be fully stocked... which brings me to my next update... it looks like i wont be moving out of the grandparents for a while... the first potential roommate had a 4 month old german shepard... nope.... the second potential roommate claims to be allergic to the smell of alcohol (even one poured glass of wine)... as you all know im a heavy drinker that wasnt going to work out.... come on! really???? i cant have a glass of wine with dinner???... probably a sign that i did not need to live with her.

thus, im still floating in the universe with no real direction. why does it seem like the majority of people have their lives unfolded fatefully for them while i am in constant flux?... im fine with my flux, if i could learn to enjoy it rather than be anxious and/or uneasy.

had a great time at the lake this weekend with greg, liz, and greg's friend and bandmate, anthony. little did i know that anthony is deathly afraid of water. it was fun going to the lake on my own. felt cool and i hope i can make some more trips up soon... so if anyone wants to go, let me know!... we swam, jumped off the double decker pier across the lake, kayaked, greg and anthony played guitars, made up a word game, tried to fish, lost two fishing poles, and grilled out... i want to do it again! despite all that fun, i discovered that my faithful camera is broken.

so what's next? liz and i are going to start a business soon... so be on the look out.

this is what i do instead of my homework.


liz said...
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liz said...

wow. allergic to the SMELL of alcohol? is that even possible?? i can't wait to hear more about this!

haha... if she only knew about notes from the LIQUOR closet!