name me beautiful

so if you dont know.. im obsessed with names... i know kelly completely understands, as we have had many of conversations about names... i love family names. i love unique names. i loved plain names that arent so plain to me. i even love double names...i keep a running list of favorite names.

my philosophy on names....

- i think names shape who you are to some degree... majority of people fit their names

- names are so powerful... for instance, they can hold a connotation... ex. ive never liked anyone with the name amber... when i hear that name, i automatically have bad thoughts about the person.

- names dont have to be memorable.. but it helps.

- in those baby books, it says to avoid names that can have nicknames... like ryhmes with other words... i disagree... nicknames make people likable... and you cant really avoid nicknames unless you name your kid boring.

anyway... im name obsessed.. i could talk all day about my favorite names and pairing of names... syllable count in names... love it all!... name wisely people.. even your dogs!

a girl i went to school with had a baby... i saw her working at burger king and asked her what she named the baby... "Iamunique," she replies.... "excuse me, spell that."... "I-A-M-U-N-I-Q-U-E, Iamunique."

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Kellie said...

Kellie "Roach Shell"....yeah, somebody should have thought a little harder.