sink or swim

just something ive thought a lot about from time to time...

i think everyone should be required to know/learn how to swim. knowing how to swim is a huge life skill. i know people have made it through life not knowing but wouldnt it make it easier to be able to swim?.. think about pool parties as a kid, going to the beach, staying at a hotel with a pool, fishing, water skiing, going on a cruise, anything that involves water! dont you feel more comfortable knowing how to swim??? think about accidents that involve water. one's argument could be "even good swimmers can drown.".... yes, this is true but i think if one has a basic ability of swimming, they would remain calmer and smarter in the incidence of an accident (ex. being caught in a rip tide). all im saying is that what is it going to hurt to know how to swim and you never know if it could save your life or someone else's.

dedicated to you, michael phelps.

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