living in another generation

so i was thinking today... what would i be like if i grew up in a different generation.. what if i were 23 in 1978 or 1968 instead of 2008.. would i be the same fundamental me? i have always had a fascination with being a hippie (i would be one, though im not sure if i have the dedication right now)... what if i were one from the 60's... what if i were disco-ing through the 70's... what would i be fascinated with then??.. would i still believe in the same things as i do now?...i dont think my major even existed then... i dont know, it makes my mind go crazy thinking about it... i think i would be a real hippie and i would burn a lot of incense and eat only vegetables i grew in my yard and slather myself in patchouli... i think i might do that now anyway.... well, its just something to think about and im going to continue to ponder it...

make love, not war

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