team usa

since the olympics started, i have been completely obsessed. i wouldnt consider myself the proudest american or event that patriotic... but theres something about those dang olympics! i always got WAY into them when i was little (hello, gymnastics 92 and especially 96!)... but i guess when my own olympic dream died shortly after the 96 olympics.. i just couldnt bare to watch... but lets just say... ive still got hope (germany has a gymnast that is 33)... anyway, i have watched every sport from cycling to beach volleyball to synchonized diving... i love it all..... go usa!

i think the chinese are actually robots, not people.


liz said...

hey molls, i was cleaning out my gmail and i found your blog email. so i decided to check it out, and you're writing!! i kind of forgot about my blog in june... 2 weeks after i started it!

i have to agree the chinese are robots... did you see that tiny chinese gymnast? she couldn't be older than 12!

K-Lo said...

mollie i like to brag that my friend was the number one gymnist in the state of FL. i don't even know when you were...i just tell people like you are eternally.