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oh these days i feel like i have been completely submersed in weddings galore... from random girls that were in chi o with me becoming engaged when i didnt even know they had boyfriends to my best friends being engaged to watching bridezillas on WE (which is currently on tv)... these are my thoughts (many conflicting with one another) on weddings/engagements...

- i hate when people put their facebook picture as their engagement ring... i think it totally devalues the love aspect of being engaged... you arent your engagement ring!

- i want a pretty/sparkly ring that people appreciate aesthetically

- i hate when brides think the wedding day is "their" (as in singular possessive) day... what about your husband?

- i love to plan and organize and decorate... a wedding is all of that... details, details, DETAILS!

- i really want a pretty dress!

- i really hate long ceremonies... what are you trying to prove?

- i dont want a wedding because i think its selfish spending all that money for one day... take the money and put a down payment on a house, vacation, etc...

- i think its selfish not to have a wedding (ive come to realize that your family and friends want to be there to celebrate with you, as i want to celebrate good things with them).. i know, everyone faint now.

with all of that being said, i really do love weddings but its a love/hate relationship... i absolutely love being in weddings (thank you to all my engaged/married friends/sister) and the festivities and the decorations and the food and the friends and the ridiculous stories that come from one single day.... sigh.. so i hope all you are keeping your calandars open for my 2011 wedding ... phahahaha!

maybe i want a wedding and not a marriage or do i want a marriage and not a wedding?


K-Lo said...

words of wisdom from chief red dog: it is cheaper to move out than to get a divorce.

i have conflicting opinions on this subject as well...marriage is for sell outs. but man it is like getting have another prom were you get to be the prom queen and you don't have to lie about where you are going to do it after the prom.

hamp thinks that you are engaged because he swears he saw you having your picture taken outside the church.

also matt and i are no longer celebrating our anniversary on the day we got legally married we are going back to the other one. we have been committed to putting up with each other's shit for much longer than we have been married.

p.s. i think koi is allergic to the cat.

K-Lo said...

oh and if you do get married and have a wedding wedding i want to be a bridesmaid...you and brail are my only hope at ever getting to be a bridesmaid. always the bride never the bridesmaid.